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The wrestler is an extreme fetishist who is owned by a strict mistress and resides in the Hotel region. She is friendly by default, but players with submissive class titles, such as the Royal Slave or the Sissy, make her friendly in a fun new way! Like other hotel npc's, lots of what she does with the player will involve dragging them around to be messed with by other npc's, such as patrons or the Dominatrix.


  • Jewelry


Actions upon victory

  • Drags the player to the Sex Dungeon or Adult nursery.(cnce per game)
  • Watersports fetish enabled:
    • If the player is a latex fetish model or a sissy, she will drag the player to the hotel bathrooms and chain them up for an exteneded period of time.(once per game)
    • Otherwise she will attempt to urinate on the player.
  • Watersports fetish not enabled:
    • She will attempt to fist the player, starting with 1 finger and adding others as soon as they fit.


The wrestler will become hostile under any of the following conditions:

  • The bimbo score of the player is 8 or more.
  • The player is the maid.
  • The player is the latex fetish model.
  • The player is the sissy.
  • The player is flying.
  • There is another hostile NPC in the room.
  • Attacking.


  • While friendly, the wrestler can teach the squat skill, which allows the player to lay eggs(among other things) on command.
  • If watersports fetish is enabled, and the player is kneeling, she will urinate on the player if they ask for a drink.
    • This does not make her unfriendly.


  • Difficulty: 12
  • Hitpoints: 22-25
  • Girth: 1-10
  • Mess: Urine
  • Fuckable? Yes
  • Takes virginity? No.


The wrestler will fist players who don't have watersports fetish enabled, and urinate on those who do.


For a late game enemy, the wrestler is very sensitive to players with middling bimbo levels. Luckily, the punishment for losing to her is not all that severe, but that changes depending on player class. That said, her interaction with the dominatrix, which is otherwise a very non-threatening npc, can be potentially catastrophic for an unprepared player, so do your best not to give her a reason to fight you. Using a friendly sex with her could give a character a impossibly stretched ass very quickly, as wrestler fucking style is aiming on it. It could give an edge to use chairs for healing and for final assault of slutty sisters, if the player is not sure to take out them and plans to survive a horse dick.