Yes Mr Blair Day 1

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I haven't entirely decided on the fetish direction of this story, and so you guys can help influence that in the survey at the bottom. The core elements are obviously humiliation, diapers, urination, messing, and the gradual development of a Master/slave relationship. There will invariably be some sexual elements, perhaps a little perhaps a lot. It depends a lot on the next few poll results.

“So Miss Sunshine, please tell me what you have heard about this… opportunity.” Daniel Blair’s voice lingered on that last word, almost as if he was amused yet satisfied by his own choice of words. Rachel squirmed in her seat. This was clearly a test, but she didn’t know what response he was necessarily looking for. She looked straight into her interviewer’s dark brown eyes, trying to search for a hint, a clue about what he wanted to hear. He smiled politely, clearly content to let the awkward silence remain until she spoke. Something about his gentle stare left her feeling somewhat vulnerable, and yet also safe. She found herself doing something she didn't usually do - telling the truth.

"I... I've heard that there's a reason the salary is so extremely generous. The multi-millionaire playboy Daniel Blair has a reputation for only hiring young, conventionally attractive women as his Personal Assistants, and after being subjected to his rather unique personality, nobody has successfully survived the six month probation period. His past PAs report being humiliated on a daily basis, required to act as eye candy to distract and seduce visitors, and it seems like there's more that previous staff are too mortified to discuss." Rachel used the third person in an effort to keep up a professional vibe. Daniel did not reciprocate.

"And you are still interested in the role?" His inquisitive eyes now seems to pierce straight past hers, deep down into her soul. Rachel pulled her gaze away from the staring contest and looked coyly down at her crotch.

"I may look innocent, but trust me, I'm far from it. I can tolerate a lot for that sort of salary, and..."


"...and I've made a bet." Wait, had she really just admitted that? How had this man made her feel so trusting that she already shared such a sensitive piece of information?

"A bet? Oh please do go on."

"I have a bet with my brother that I can survive the six months without getting fired or quitting. A big bet. So you can be sure that I mean business." Rachel cursed inwardly. Why was she admitting this? It gave Daniel more power over her. True, she made a bet with her brother Steven - he had inherited a mansion from a great aunt (because he was her favourite apparently, which was so not fair), and Steven knew that Rachel would do anything to get hold of it. So having heard about Daniel Blair, Steven had told her that she could have it if she passed the probation period. He just wanted to see her try and fail. But little did Daniel or Steven know, she had ovaries of steel. She could take anything this guy could throw at her.

Rather than looking pleased, Daniel frowned. “Please understand what you’re getting into before making any crazy commitments. As you said, there is a reason that people don’t last here, even with the, I'm sure you'll agree, ridiculously high salary. What I’m looking for in an assistance is complete and utter obedience. I will not cause lasting harm to you, nor would I allow anyone else to do so. But in every other way, I will own you. I own your daily routine, I own your body, and I own your mind. If I were to tell you to do your job naked, you would do so, even if customers came in. If I told you to sleep on the floor, you would do so. If I made you eat out of a dog bowl, you would obey. I plan to make your probation period a sort of ‘basic training’ to condition any thoughts of rebellion or intolerance out of you. The purpose of this exercise is to create somebody who I can completely trust. If you were to make it to the finish line, I would expect us by that point to have 100% trust in each other. Do you understand?”

“...I understand. I’m even prepared to fuck anyone you tell me to.” Rachel’s confidence faltered only slightly. She couldn’t back out now - she craved that life of luxury in the mansion too much. And anyway, she actually found the idea of having no control a bit exciting. Maybe she would find it fun. “So, are you going to ask me to do my job naked? Or be your personal sex slave?” Rachel let just a hint of sexiness into her tone of voice.

At that, her prospective employer grinned. “Oh no, nothing that boring.”

The first day of Rachel Sunshine’s new gainful employment began pretty much as she expected. She decided to arrive on her first day dressed as she would for any other similar position - in a smart white blouse that went right up to the neck, and a tight fitting red skirt that went down to her knees. Dark pantyhose and her shiniest red heels completed the ensemble. Sexy, but smart. Her ear length brown hair was brushed smartly into place, giving her an air of professionalism. If she was to be forced to wear something different after today, at least she’d have had a few hours of sensible attire to start with.

Upon arrival at the giant building that was his firm, Rachel had to take the elevator to the 35th floor, right at the top, in order to reach Mr Blair’s office. He was standing at the elevator doors as they opened, and as she stepped out he silently stared at her, looking her up and down slowly, clearly assessing her physical appearance.

“Turn around.”

Rachel obediently showed her rear off to her new employer, who gave a disappointed harrumph. “You don’t have much of an arse, do you?”

Rachel had been prepared for crass, even lewd comments, but she hadn’t been anticipating cold and unemotional judgement. It took her by surprise and left her feeling vulnerable. She also felt compelled to defend her killer figure. “People are usually too busy staring at my rack to notice.”

“Hmm. Don’t worry, I’m sure it won’t be a problem for long.” Daniel replied cryptically. As she turned back around in frustration, he looked down at her legs. “Wear higher heels tomorrow.”

“These are my tallest pair!”

“Then buy some higher heels, and wear them tomorrow.” Daniel turned and began to walk away, which indicated that the conversation was over.

Rachel was given the only desk in the lobby, her seating position facing the elevator doors, to allow her to greet any visitors. There were only two connecting rooms - on one side, Mr Blair’s private office, kept hidden behind thick opaque wall and door, and on the other side, a large meeting room was visible through a glass wall, with a giant rectangular table surrounded by at least twenty comfortable seats. It was probably used for board meetings.

The first part of her induction was completely normal - Daniel gave her an overview of her roles, which included standard admin support activities such as answering the phone, organising meetings and so on, but also several of the things you would expect of a chartered secretary - educated advice on legal and governance issues where she could provide constructive input. As she grew more accustomed to the company and its operations, she would become more and more valuable in this area.

From this, her new boss casually moved on to describing his plans for her.

“Thanks to my previous assistants, I have tried and tested many methods of... 'extracting' somebody’s self-respect and replacing it with pure obedience. I have been able to learn what works well, and what pushes people too far. I believe I have now found the perfect balance. The way this will work at first is really quite simple. Every time you make a mistake, you will gain a new rule. Rules must be obeyed at all times. Some rules will be easy to remember to follow, but humiliating, others will require some purposeful thought to remember to obey at all times.”

Rachel was shown a text document that stayed permanently open on one edge of her computer screen, which could be updated remotely with new rules. The initial rules were strict.

Rachel’s Rules

No tardiness.
No disobedience.
No lying or deceiving.
No unanswered calls during work hours.
Always be present at the reception desk to greet visitors.
Rachel will drink at least one litre of water every hour.
No spelling mistakes.
No bending at the knees while bending over.
No boyfriends (or girlfriends).
The only acceptable response to Mr Blair when his sentence ends with “Rachel” is “Yes, Mr. Blair”.

“Mr Blair, how am I supposed to answer the phone if I’m on my lunch break?”

“That doesn’t count as work hours. It is acceptable for you to miss calls between 12 and 12:30.”
“And what about loo breaks?” Rachel asked, expecting a similar response.

“Ah, yes, about that.” Daniel pressed a button on his phone, and a new rule immediately appeared at the bottom of the document.

“Rachel will be diapered 24/7.”

“What?! You can’t be serious? Is this a joke?” A note of worry came through in her voice.

“Take off your panties and give them to me, Rachel.” Daniel looked completely serious.

“Bloody hell... straight away? Right here?!”

“I’m afraid the correct response was ‘Yes Mr. Blair’.” Rachel watched with mild horror as Daniel pressed the same button on his phone again. The rule slightly changed.

“Rachel will be double diapered 24/7.” Rachel was rendered speechless.

“Take off your panties and give them to me, Rachel.” Daniel said with exactly the same serious tone of voice.

“...Yes Mr Blair.” Rachel gave up. She had been prepared for a lot of things, but not this. What had she gotten herself into? Her brain reminded her that she could walk out that door at any time she wanted, but if she did she would lose the bet and the mansion. She found herself bending over (at the waist, taking care to leave her knees locked), removing her heels, hiking up her skirt, pulling down her pantyhose and then finally her pink panties, before handing them to her new master. For a brief moment before she could replace her skirt she was standing there bottomless, her shaved privates in full view, now feeling even smaller and more vulnerable that her height wasn’t boosted by her 2 inch heels.

Daniel took the garment, folded it neatly and put it into the chest pocket of his white shirt.

“Follow me, Rachel.”

“Yes, Mr. Blair.”

The next few minutes were the most surreal of Rachel’s life. She was taken into the meeting room, and instructed to lie on the table. Daniel opened what looked like a metal stationery cupboard at one end, which was instead filled with stacks upon stacks of adult sized diapers. She watched as he took two out, and took a stanley knife to the bottom of one, scoring the plastic base several times. Pulling up her skirt when instructed, Rachel was too stunned to be embarrassed as her employer hoisted the puffy padding of the sliced-bottom diaper under her bum and secured it around her midriff. The second diaper was secured over the first, the tapes keeping the garments snug against her body. Standing back up, the huge bulk of her new diapers pressed against her thighs, forcing them apart. She was encouraged to waddle back to her discarded pantyhose and heels and put them back on. Now she was fully dressed, she was able to assess her appearance. The diapers pushed against her tight skirt, giving a small bulge at the front and a massive one at the back. She looked like she had giant hips, an impossibly massive ass and that she was packing some heavy tackle in the front. Or, she was wearing two large adult nappies.

“This is not what I expected.” Rachel complained out loud. “Why couldn’t you be a normal pervert?” She half-joked.

Daniel ignored her remarks. “What is the main thing that humans take for granted that allowed them to preserve their dignity? It occurred to me recently, the answer is our ability to go to the toilet privately, on our own timeframe. When I said I own your body, I meant it. I own your bodily functions. I own your ability to do what sets us apart from babies and animals. This is no joke - this is me teaching you that you are mine, completely. Now go sit down and get on with your job, Rachel.”

Daniel’s words hit Rachel like a ton of bricks. She was so overwhelmed by the news of her new ‘uniform’ that she forgot to respond.

Daniel sounded angry now. “You are supposed to say ‘Yes Mr. Blair’!”

Watching him press the button on his phone one more time, Rachel yelped and dashed to the computer to both sit down and check on her new rule.

“Rachel must be standing up whenever the elevator arrives at the top floor.”

Oh no, now there’s no way I can hide my diapers from people! Oh my god, I’m already thinking of them as ‘my diapers’. This is crazy...

As if on cue, the elevator began to whir. The number above it kept rising and rising… Rachel kept praying that it would stop and be someone looking to get off at any of the other floors, but it never stopped. Finally the number reached 35, and Rachel immediately shot up out of her chair, to make sure she was standing as the ‘ding!’ went off and the doors opened. Another tall, good looking man wearing a smart suit stepped out. He looked at Rachel and only displayed a mild hint of confusion.

“Well hello Daniel. And hello, Miss?”

Daniel replied before Rachel could. “Hi Mark, this is Rachel Sunshine, my new PA. She just started about thirty minutes ago. Rachel, come meet Mark Short.”

“Ah, I see. Pleased to meet you” Rachel was forced to waddle over to ‘Mark’, who shook her hand enthusiastically. He squinted his eyes as he stepped out of the elevator. “My, you are beautiful aren’t you. But is there something wrong with your skirt, Miss Sunshine?”

“Please show Mr Short your new uniform, Rachel.” Daniel didn’t leave this one to chance, emphasizing the last word very clearly.

“Yes, Mr. Blair.” Replying correctly was the easy bit. Rachel couldn’t help but hesitate, looking from Mark to Daniel in desperation, hoping that either of them would decide against forcing her to reveal her shame. Instead, Mark just stood there looking inquisitively, and Daniel began to reach for his phone again. Rachel quickly reached for the bottom of her skirt and pulled it up high to reveal her Pampers underneath. Suddenly feeling very vulnerable and shy, she felt her face starting to glow red and she couldn’t bring herself to make eye contact with either of the men. She stared down at the floor silently.

Art by Owlcan

Mark chuckled. “Gosh, that’s a new one! I know you have a reputation for embarrassing your assistants but this is something else. Are you going to make her use it?”

“Of course.” Daniel spoke very clinically. “I’m trialling a radical new behavioural correction method. She doesn’t get toilet privileges until she has earned my trust.”

“And you’re okay with this?” Mark turned back to Rachel.

Rachel didn’t look away from the floor, but managed to crack a smile. “Yes Sir. I’m here of my own will.” And I can walk out that door as soon as I’m pushed too far, Rachel thought to herself.

“Gosh, I don’t know which one of you is more messed up in the head!” Mark laughed. “Anyway Daniel, we should get down to business.”

Daniel let Mark into his office without another word to Rachel. She was left standing there, dumbfounded. Then she realised she was still holding her skirt up! Pulling it back down into place, she tried in vain to move her bulky padding around into a shape that didn’t show so obviously through, but it was completely in vain. Resigned to her fate, she sat back down at her desk.

Looking down beneath the desk, Rachel noticed a mini-fridge. Inside were eight bottles of water. Each had a handwritten label - the first said ‘by 9am’, the second said ‘by 10am’, and so on. It was a clever way of ensuring that the water drinking rule was obeyed. Even worse, Rachel felt a little twinge in her bladder already. It was going to be a long day.

It was a little before 11am that Rachel finally gave in. She’d already gone through two bottles of water, and her bladder was now feeling so full that she couldn’t concentrate on her assigned tasks. 22 years of potty training made it quite difficult to start, but after she did, she was surprised about how easy it was to let the flow continue. It felt really weird, peeing into a diaper as an adult. The warmth of her own pee actually felt quite comforting, but the humiliating nature of the act made her feel very uneasy.

Rachel had a lot of pee to get through. She was still wetting herself when moments later, Mark and Daniel returned to the lobby from his office. Her boss looked at her with a piercing gaze - it was as if he could see straight through her to the truth.

“Are you okay? You look like you’re hiding something from me.”

“No Sir, I’m fine.” Her voice wavered as she spoke. Daniel’s eyes narrowed. In three quick strides, he was standing over her, one hand shooting towards her crotch. The feeling of his palm pressing against her crotch through her padding made her shiver as she continued to urinate, unable to stop the flow.

“You’re wet, you liar! Wait a minute, are you peeing right now, you filthy woman?”

“No, of course not!”

“You are, I can feel the flow! That’s two lies in four seconds! Do you enjoy it when I make your life more miserable?!” Mark chuckled as Daniel pulled out his phone, and furiously typed away for a few seconds. A moment later, two new rules appeared on Rachel’s screen:

“Rachel will always declare loudly and clearly when she is using her diaper, no matter where she is. The phrase must always include the words “in my diaper”. If Mr. Blair is in his office, she must use the intercom so that he can hear her declaration.”

“No touching the diapers at work.”

Rachel immediately protested. “No touching? But how am I supposed to change them?!”

Mark seemed to arrive at the conclusion before she did, and was happy to share his revelation. “Well, I guess you’ll have to ask somebody else to change you, won’t you?”

“Indeed.” Daniel chimed in. “And for now, I think you deserve to sit in that soggy diaper of yours until it’s much more full. That’s why I used two: so that I would have to change you less frequently. You’re probably about a third of the way to saturation point. Are you happy with that, Rachel?”

She was ready this time, almost expecting it. “Yes Mr. Blair.” She made sure her voice didn’t reflect the enthusiasm of the phrase.

“Now escort Mark to the elevator.”
“What, like the 5 steps?!” Rachel asked, more confusedly than rebelliously.

“Disobedience? Still?” Daniel went to his phone once more.

“What? No, I was just clarifying-” But it was too late - there was yet another new rule on her screen!

“Rachel must stand up and put her hands on her head when using her diaper.”

Shit, she really was screwed now. Trying to avoid tears of embarrassment leaving her eyes, she got up and waddled over to Mr. Short, and then proceeded to politely direct him towards the elevator. At the elevator, she put on her best fake smile, pushed the button for him and shook his hand. Turning to her boss, she gave him a submissive look, searching for praise. She saw that he couldn’t help but smirk slightly, but he didn’t say a word. He watched her waddle back to her seat, and then turned and returned to his office.

As the day progressed, Rachel got better at following her new rules. She continued to drink her water on time, stood up with her hands on her head and declared to Mr. Blair over the intercom when she wet herself again (“I’m going number 1 my diaper, Mr. Blair.” / “Thank you Miss Sunshine, good girl.”) and twice greeted visitors whilst standing and showed them to her office. Both of these similar suited men gave Rachel puzzled looks, but said nothing. She had brought a packed lunch for her first day, so she didn't need to go down to the canteen and show her sodden underwear off to 100 people.

The most embarrassing moment of the afternoon came when she had to use the intercom to declare “I am urinating in my diaper, Mr. Blair” when one of these customers was still in the office with him. She heard a gasp followed by disbelieving laughter. She disconnected the intercom before she died of embarrassment.

The end of her first day finally arrived, and Rachel reviewed her experience. She’d been diapered, forced to use her diaper, humiliated in front of strangers, and given more rules than she could remember. She winced to herself. Only 182 days to go…

Daniel exited his office and addressed his new employee. “Congratulations. You’ve made it through day one. Well, almost.”


“Firstly, get on the table.”

And so, Rachel began to receive her first diaper change. As Daniel removed the soggy nappies, wiped her clean and began to replace them, he spoke.

“The rule says ‘double diapered 24/7’, and I mean it. You will go shopping like that, you will go home like that, and you will turn up tomorrow like that. However, there is an obvious problem. I can’t allow you to go number two in a situation where you can’t get a change, that could be quite unhealthy. So....”

Daniel pulled out a small metal contraption.

“What is that?” Rachel was genuinely scared.

“This is a one of a kind, custom made butt plug. Brace yourself.”

The object was well lubed, but it was also slippery. Rachel yelped and shivered as it pushed past her sphincter. She could also feel that it was very heavy. Once it was inside, she felt the bulb inside of her open up like a blooming flower. Not to the point where it was painful, but still irritating, and she could constantly feel it.

“This plug is part of you now. I suggest you get used to it, because you’re going to be getting to know each other very well. You won’t be able to push it out - it’s too big, and anyway if you try it’ll just expand even further to make sure it stays in. As you can feel, it’s currently very tight and thin at your sphincter, so you don’t need to worry about losing much tightness there. I’m sure that’s something you care a lot about. But, when I push this button…” Daniel pushed a button on his phone, and Rachel was stretched. A lot. Her cute little pucker turned into a gaping alleyway in less than a second. “The plug is hollow, so you’ll be able to go. In fact, I anticipate you’ll probably not be able to prevent yourself from going, if you’re full enough.”

“Please, it’s too wide, turn it off!” Rachel was struggling to deal with the sudden stretching of her sphincter. She of course boasted lots of experience with anal play, but she wasn’t prepared for this!

“Fair enough.” The plug shrunk, and her pooper slammed shut around it. Rachel sighed with gratitude.

“And now for the final touch.” Daniel produced a padlock from his pocket, and pulled at something at her waistband. She was shocked to see that the diapers had an in-built belt-type cord sewn into the waist, which allowed Daniel to tighten and lock her diapers in place! She was now trapped in her own private padded prison!

Standing back up, and re-donning the rest of her clothes, Rachel didn’t say a word. This was going to be tougher than she had thought. She had been prepared to have her uniform decided for her, she had even been prepared for him putting things inside her, but not like this. And now she had to drive home like this! Getting to her car without dozens of strangers seeing her would be enough of a challenge. But it would all be worth it, to win that amazing mansion off of that greedy brother of hers. And she had already made one genius move - she had ordered new heels online, with same day delivery. So there was no need to go into the store.

As she called the elevator, she heard her boss's voice one more time. "One more thing - wear your hair in pigtails tomorrow, Rachel."

"Yes, Mr Blair." Rachel replied through gritted teeth.

The dash to the car went much better than Rachel could have dreamed. She didn’t have to share the elevator, and only she only saw two people from far away as she waddled and clicked in her heels through the car park. Once home, she managed to sneak into her flat without incident. So there she was - a locked, plugged, diapered woman, completely free to move around and yet completely trapped and at the whims of her new master.

She had a text from her brother. “What was it like?”

She replied truthfully. “Worse than I ever imagined. He's making me wear diapers, even outside of work.”

The response came back quickly. “Oh my god! I knew it would be something twisted, but that's pure genius. There's no way you're going to live like that for six months right? Surely you're giving up?”

She wrote her retort in all caps. “NEVER. THAT HOUSE IS MINE.”

Steven's reply was clearly meant to rile her up. "Send me a photo?" Rachel ignored it, chucking her phone onto her bedside table.

Exhausted, Rachel removed all of her clothes, barring that which she could not. She realised that whilst the feeling of the metal plug was tolerable, it was slightly pushing on her bladder, making it even more difficult to hold in her pee. She had hoped to go to bed dry, but if she tried that now, she would probably be left wide awake, struggling to hold it in. Groaning, she said goodbye to a dry night and thoroughly wet herself.

After a quick and modest dinner, Rachel went to bed. In her sleep she dreamed of running towards toilets that were perpetually out of reach.