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As the game progresses, the player will digest food and eventually become hungry. To stop being hungry, the player must eat some food, e.g. candy.


  • When hungry, the player has their strength lowered by 2.
  • While hungry, each time the player's empty stomach attempts to digest food instead reduces fat weight (if weight gain fetish is enabled) and breast size.
  • Then depending on how many empty stomach digestion attempts have passed since the player last ate, they lose strength with likelihood 0%/33%/67%/100%/100%/etc.
    • If the player's strength is lower than or equal to its starting value, it instead always waits for the fourth hunger tick, i.e. 0%/0%/0%/100%/100%/etc.


  • The penalty for being hungry is only 2 strength. It can actually be worth staying hungry for the first stomach digestion attempt in order to reduce your body size.
    • One thing to be aware of - when very hungry, the player might beg NPCs for food automatically.
  • Being hungry for a long time is really bad for your permanent strength. Never do this!