Super Rich

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Super Rich Epilogue


One Year Later - Epilogue


The player has a fortune in savings to spend. What do they spend it on?


Sex addiction maximum 15

Earnings minimum 500000


a) Permanently Pregnant Sex Addict: Permanent Pregnancy, sex addiction > 11/20

b) Permanently Pregnant Cocksucker: Permanent Pregnancy, semen addiction > 11/20

c) Permanently Pregnant: Permanent Pregnancy

d) ABDL: Max incontinence, bimbo > 12/20, humiliation > 25000/40000

e) Little One: Max incontinence, bimbo > 12/20

f) Diapered Genius: Max incontinence, raw intelligence > 10

g) Diaper Bound: Max incontinence

h) Diapered Life: Slight incontinence, bimbo < 7/20

i) Diapered Fun: Slight incontinence, bimbo < 14/20

j) Adult Baby: Slight incontinence

k) Sex Addict: Sex addiction > 12, humiliation > (random number between 25000 and 35000)

l) Exhibitionist: humiliation > 25000

m) Business Time: raw intelligence > 14/20

n) Wife: bimbo > 8

o) Outgoing