Adult Baby

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Adult Baby

The adult baby is a class that the player can become by wearing a onesie and the baby bonnet at the same time.

Obtaining baby bonnet

Main article: Baby Bonnet

  • The headgear appears when you soil an item of clothing so much that it overflows.
  • The headgear can also be put on you by the matron when she's struggling to find other appropriate actions to perform.

Obtaining onesie

Main article: Onesie

As with most class outfits, the outfit will spawn on the player randomly when the headgear is worn, as long as the player is not wearing another overdress.


  • Adds 'Big Baby', 'Little One', 'Diaper Slut', 'Messy Baby' or 'Sissy Baby' to the player's Title depending on fetish choices, clothing, sex addiction and intelligence.
  • Darkens hair towards black.
  • Can summon mittens, booties and pacifier.
  • If mittens are worn, gives an extremely high chance to successfully crawl past an unfriendly NPC while running away on your knees (around 91% for the average difficulty NPC).
  • Prevents the player from being grossed out by urine.
  • Prevents the player from being grossed out by messed diapers if overall bimbo is high enough.
  • If the player sits on the untransformed throne, it'll be transformed into a potty.
  • Reduces the humiliation gained from wearing a pacifier.
  • Causes the matron to not remove the bib after feeding you.