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Please note that this is mainly maintained by fans and is often rather out of date, or just plainly incorrect. Aika tries to make corrections when one is spotted but essentially what we're saying is don't make the assumption that what you read here is perfectly accurate.

The most up-to-date information can be found at the public version of the source code here - if you can read pseudocode then you can probably hopefully easily make sense of this.

Trap Quest Wiki

The Trap Quest Wiki is a community maintained resource to help players play the game Trap Quest. Note that to contribute yourself, you will first need to confirm your email (to prove you're not a member of Skynet) before you can edit pages on this wiki.

Looking for a page to start on? Try The Player or Rooms.

If you've already started playing and cursed items are giving you trouble, you should probably read about the altars in BUC.

If you're wondering what items would be beneficial to your survival, you may be interested in the Items page.

If you can't figure out how to navigate the game, check out the Commands page.

Want a quick answer for your questions? Try the FAQ.

Want to read all the historic changelists? Go here: Changelist.

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Trap QuestTrap Quest is an adult text based transformation game created by Aika. The player controls a character who wins the chance to be the first player of a new virtual reality game created by a company called Nintendolls. The game opens with the PC(Player Character) arriving at the Nintendolls facility and being led to a virtual reality chamber by two scantily clad Nintendolls employees. It turns out to be more than the player bargained for after entering the chamber as he is informed that the name of the game is Bimbo Trap Babe Quest and they are trying to turn the PC into a bimbo just like them. If the PC completes the game before being turned into a bimbo then Nintendolls will reward the PC with money based on how many pieces of jewelry they were wearing when they won the game. However, the simulation costs $500,000 to run, and if it is not paid for, the PC will be forced to work for the company for a year. The PC loses immediately after fainting 4 times, although they will lose the game at their next orgasm if they have 0 intelligence. Fainting also removes the highest value piece of jewelry from the game.

New GameUpon starting a new game the player is first presented with the game settings. The game settings allow the player to choose several options that will affect how the game looks, and to some degree how it functions. The player may also choose between a normal start, which has the player choose all of the traits of their character and displays the prologue, a quick start which automatically creates a new character with traits based on your previous character and skips the prologue, and a random start with randomized traits and skips the prologue. When choosing a normal start the player has to create their character. The first option is whether the PC should be male or female. Some options and gameplay mechanics are only available to one gender or the other. Next the player can choose a name for the PC or have it selected randomly. Then the player may choose any fetishes they wish to have during the game. Finally, the player chooses how to allocate any difficulty points obtained from the fetishes they selected. These can be spent on boosting the player's main stats or setting a maximum breast and ass size or minimum penis size. GameplayInside the game the player controls the PC by entering text commands to move and interact with items, containers, enemies and NPCs(Non Player Characters). During the interactions the player will encounter traps of various types that will affect the PC in different ways typically resulting in a transformation of some sort. The player must monitor several aspects of their character to avoid negative consequences. Improper care may result in the character fainting, which resets the dungeon and a number of the player's physical stats. Fainting too many times will result in a game over.