Cow Print Basque

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Clothing - Overdress - Unique

This tight cow patterned undergarment keeps your body's shape looking and feeling smooth. Any milk that the player produces or lactates is directed into their belly. Keep in mind that milk that is already inside the player's breasts must be "lactated" before it enters the player's belly. Part of the Cow Slave multiclass. Prevents the nipple rings from spawning, but can still be destroyed if a Cow Print Bikini Top is spawned by the Cow Ears.

Ways of Obtaining

  • May materialize onto the player cursed when following criteria are met:
    • Player is wearing the Cow Ears
    • Player is not already wearing an overdress, a bra, a skirt, a corset, trousers, or panties.


  • Humiliation: ?
  • Bimbo contribution: ?
  • Exclusive? Yes
  • Skirt length: None
  • Blocks crotch? Yes
    • Displaced or ripped? Both
  • Blocks nipples? Yes
  • Transparency: Dense
  • Material: Nylon


  • (Whilst worn and not displaced)
    • Causes any milk that would exit the breasts to be directed into the player's belly.
    • Causes any milk that would be produced by the breasts to also instead appear in the player's belly.
  • (When worn)
    • 3 seconds pass

Related items

  • Cow Ears
    • Every round that the player is wearing the Cow Ears and there is nothing in the way, the basque has a chance of appearing.


Despite the fact that the Cow Print Basque cannot have the absorption attribute, it is one of few items that will never become soaked due to player lactation.