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Clothing - Neck Accessory - Unique

This large metal bell is connected to a white collar by a pink ribbon. When worn, this bell makes lots of noise and makes it much easier for monsters to notice you and find you.

About This Item

Metal cowbell associated with the Cowgirl class. Moving while wearing the cowbell may attract hostile monsters. This item may be materialized onto the player while they are wearing a cursed pair of Cow Ears, along with the Cow Pattern Boots, Cow Print Bikini Top, and Cow Print Bikini Bottoms.

Obtaining This Item

  • May materialise cursed on player when following criteria are met:
    • Player is not wearing a necklace already
    • Player is wearing a pair of Cow Ears


  • Humiliation: ?
  • Possible Magical Attributes:
    • ?


  • (Whilst worn)
    • Influences strength
    • Increases bimbo by ?
    • When the player moves, the cowbell will ring and grab the interest of any nearby hostile monsters. Friendly monsters are unaffected.
    • When worn with the other Cowgirl class items, the player's strength will increase depending on how full the player's breasts are of milk
  • (When worn)
    • 30 seconds pass


The description of this item slightly changes depending on if you are wearing it and how high your bimbo meter is.

The cowbell is currently the only non-jewelry item in the game that can be worn in the necklace slot.