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Latex Sex Doll Transformation Curse

If an aeromancer encounters you engaged in sex with a sex doll, she will inflict you with the latex curse, which will slowly turn you into a sex doll yourself. The curse can also be inflicted on the player if the are wearing the Cumslut Collar and it is transformed into the Fuckdoll Collar. In either case, the air inflation fetish must be enabled for the curse to occur.

The transformation goes through eight stages, starting with the initial affliction and progressing until the player is fully transformed into a sex doll.


Stage 1

  • Beginning at this stage, and during **all** subsequent stages, you may visit the witch to have the curse removed.

Stage 2

  • Your weight is capped at a maximum value
  • Your weight is reduced by a fixed amount

Stage 3

  • Your orifices are permanently fixed at the maximum openness of 10.
    • This means you lose the ability to resist during penetrative sex.
    • This also means your bimbo score is heavily increased.

Stage 4

  • You lose the ability to gain orifice soreness.
  • You also lose the ability to have orgasms, which means.
    • You may no longer use the fuck skill.
    • The mannequin no longer has any interest in you unless you have maximum makeup.
    • if the player has a penis, its size cannot be reduced via anal orgasms.
    • You lose the ability to wank.
    • If you get horny, you have no way of changing that.
  • Any existing pregnancies are paused until the curse is removed.

Stage 5

  • You lose the ability to eat and drink
    • This means it is impossible to use crafted elixirs and potions
    • Male monsters may still find a use for your stomach
    • It is also impossible to use the fae mushroom.
  • You lose the ability to become thirsty
  • If the watersports fetish is enabled, you lose the ability to urinate.

Stage 6

  • You take a permanent damage penalty on all your attacks.
  • You lose the ability to gain body soreness.
    • You gain a new stat, called "latex integrity" to replace it.
    • Whenever you are hit or attacked, your integrity may decrease, causing you to faint if it reaches 0.
  • You can no longer lactate.
  • The player's maximum Penis Length increases to 11.

Stage 7

  • You lose the ability to speak. That means you cannot:
    • Talk to NPC's (obviously)
  • Your makeup is permanently fixed at maximum
    • This will persist even if you faint
  • Wenches will that are not already interested in you will never become interested again(unless you free yourself from the curse)
  • The player's maximum Penis Length increases to 12.

Stage 8

  • You lose the ability to carry more than one object at a time.
    • Items that the player is wearing do not count.
  • You lose the ability to put on or remove clothing.
    • Clothing may still appear on the player if they meet the right conditions.
  • You lose the ability to perform alchemy.
  • You lose the ability to search chests.
  • You lose the ability to pay for items in the shop.
  • Whenever the player's Penis Length tries to increase and their penis length is already 12, adds a 1 in 3 chance for their penis to pop, resetting them back to 0 (or immediately triggering TG if that is enabled).


Removing the curse requires you to visit the altar witch. She will first tell you to find a fae mushroom, and if you can do that, she will send you to the Hotel Library to find the recipe for latex curse reversal(it will not appear until you have given her the mushroom. The curse can be removed at any time, although it is advised to do so before reaching the last stage, because its very inconvenient(and dangerous) to be restricted to one item at a time during a fetch quest.