Original Princess

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Original Princess

The Original Princess or Ex-Princess is an NPC found in the secret dungeon section of the school. The player never has to fight the princess, but rather must decide on whether to try to rescue her. Leaving her there allows the player to gain dominance by tormenting her (when at max school rank). Freeing her allows her to help the player with some of the game's other bosses.


The princess is initially caged, and can be discovered either by being put in the dungeon themselves (get into a fight in the school region) or reaching the final rank of gold.

  • The caged princess can be tormented. If watersports fetish is enabled then this requires the player to need the toilet, but also allows for the player to gain dominance.
  • Players who have received the 'traitor hypnosis' from the pink diamond lesson will automatically torment the princess if able.
  • It's important to ask the princess lots of questions, since this then triggers the prison guard to spawn and be very willing to trade digestive biscuits for keys. Biscuits can be obtained by using the same candy machine repeatedly (eat the candy if you get the wrong ones, since you're only allowed three at a time).
  • After meeting the princess, the throne will always give you the tiara if able, to make it more practical for you to get the royal scepter for her, if you wish.

Initial Release

After you give the princess a magic wand and then the skeleton key, a boss fight is triggered with all the staff, two at a time.

  • Whenever one is defeated, a new one walks in, and will take one turn to become "interested" and therefore start fighting.
  • The first staff member to walk in will be OHKO'd by the princess.
    • If you gave her the royal scepter, instead it'll be the first two staff members that she deals with for you.
  • After a set number of turns, if the fight is not over, the princess will perform a healing spell on you, but this permanently decreases your strength and dex by 4. But perhaps it's all worth it if you win!
  • The headmistress is especially strong, so for a lot of players your odds of winning the fight depend on whether the princess automatically defeats her for you or not. She'll always try, and whether she succeeds depends on the wand you gave her.
    • If the only wand she has is the glittery wand from the school dungeon that you might have found if you spent some time there, and either it's cursed, or with 50% chance otherwise, instead the headmistress will incapacitate the princess. Not only will the headmistress not be defeated, but the princess will be unable to cast her healing spell. So if you're super confident about the fight, this could be a way to avoid the stat reduction.
  • If you lose the fight, you have a special dungeon scene with the princess, which is pretty bad for both of you, and then the princess becomes a permanently defeated environment fixture of the school.
  • If you win the fight, then all the staff members are permanently defeated, and the princess goes to the dungeon region.

After Rescue

  • If she was successfully rescued, the princess can now help you with certain bosses.
    • If you can get yourself, her and the released minotaur all into the same room at the same time, she'll reduce him to 1 HP for you.
    • If the vine boss is about to use his finishing move on you, she'll appear and save you, once. If you still have some traitor hypnotism left in your system from the pink diamond lesson, you will cause her to get consumed instead, and she'll never return.