Unholy Cum Dump's Undergarment

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This can be created through Alchemy

Blog Description

This might look to some like an ordinary pair of slutty crotchless panties, but to the person that crafted them, they know it contains powerful magic for the right human sex toy. The craft recipe varies depending on what fetishes you have enabled, but it can include eggs, just semen from your ass or a mix of bodily fluids from your ass, and crotchless panties.

These legendary crotchless panties prevent your ass and pussy soreness from ever reaching their maximum values, and so prevent fainting from ass soreness, except for some edge cases, for example you are already on max ass soreness and then get penetrated by a demoness. They also make your body thirst for anal creampies. Whenever your asshole receives another serving of semen, your body soreness is healed depending on how large the load was. But, if your belly is completely empty of semen then you become horny twice as fast as you would otherwise.

Shameful orgasms will still increase sex addiction, so you will slowly become even more of a cum dump. The cursed and blessed versions don't do anything particularly special, but obviously the cursed version cannot be removed at will. As with normal crotchless panties, these will allow full access to your lower orifices, and will prevent the wearing of any other panties.