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Make Up Level

Make up level is one of the bimbo stats of the player. It only has four levels from essentially zero (0) make up to full on painted whore (3). Each level significantly affects your bimbo score and therefore your state of mind. However it decays relatively quickly on its own.


Below is a nearly exhaustive list of everything in the game that uses the make up of the player in its calculations.

  • Mannequin perception of the player
    • If the player already has full make up and has orgasmed recently and their bimbo score and sex addiction score aren't too high, the mannequin will not become unfriendly.
  • Bimbo score
    • Your bimbo score is increased by 2 for each level of make up.

Temporary Modifiers

Below is a nearly exhaustive list of the ways that your raw make up score can be temporarily increased or decreased.

  • The make up pad trap increases the make up level of the player by 1.
  • The mannequin monster will often apply an extra layer of make up as its attack once the player is on their knees.
  • One of the Fairy's attacks is to apply a layer of makeup.


The make up level of the player decays once every 377 seconds. If the make up level of the player is 1, then there is only a 40% chance make up will decay at this time.