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  • Just as you think you can't take the humiliation any more, you feel a white rose hairclip appear in your hair. Its brilliant purity reminds you of your own intact virginity, which makes you feel slightly calmer.
  • A hairclip in the style of a beautiful white rose. You can feel some magic aura emanating from it, which seems to fill you with a feeling of carefree confidence.
  • You are wearing a hairclip fashioned as a white rose in your (hair description).


Character Class Outfits

Ways of Obtaining

  • May materialize on a female player staying a virgin and suffering humiliation.



  • Satin


  • May grow hair.
  • Adds 0, 1 or 2 to Bimbo depending on BUC in that order.
  • If blessed, may slow increase or reduce the brightness, blondeness or redness of hair.
  • May materialize other elements of the Virgin Warrior Outfit.
  • May materialize the Chastity Cage.
  • Exacerbates statistics losses from loss of virginity.