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Clothing - Bondage - Chastity Bond - Unique

A special penis-only garment that prevents erections and penis-based masturbation. As the player can't get erect whilst wearing a cage, they can be useful for helping the player fit in certain types of underwear.


  • (Plastic) A tight plastic cage with a tiny slot-like opening at the end. It stops you from getting an erection or stimulating your penis in any way.
  • (Metal) A rigid cage made of cold, hard metal. It has your penis under complete lockdown, preventing it from getting hard or receiving stimulation in any way. You also feel like it might be preventing your penis from getting any bigger.
  • (Latex) A transparent cage made of solid latex. It contours perfectly to your penis, preventing you from getting hard or touching yourself while doing nothing to conceal it.

Ways of Obtaining

  • The player has chosen the 'trapped in bondage' fetish from the pregame menu
  • May also appear if the player uses the wank command too often.


  • Metal Chastity Cage
  • Latex Chastity Cage
  • Plastic Chastity Cage



  • Prevents the use of the **wank** command
    • That is, unless the player has a vagina or access to the anal masturbation [[skill]
  • prevents the player using their penis for sex
  • Metal cages prevent the player's penis from growing any larger
  • Drastically reduces the change of gaining Sex Addiction from anal orgasms.
  • Falls off if the player no longer has a penis or if their penis gets too small for the cage
    • if the cage is a latex cage and it is cursed, it will simply adapt to the player's new penis size in the latter case.
  • upon orgasm:
    • Cause the Sissy Cumslut tattoo to appear, if possible
    • Cause the cage to become cursed, if it isn't already
  • If the player triggers TG and loses their penis, the cage will fall off
    • If the cage is a metal cage, it will transform into a Chastity Belt instead.

Influenced or Associated items

  • Bondage items
    • The player can begin the game a chastity cage and several other bondage items if they selected the "trapped in bondage" fetish
  • Maid Headdress
  • Runic Headband
    • The above headdresses have a chance of spawning a chastity cage onto the player.


The chastity belt is the only item in the game with gender specific variants.

The chastity belt is the only wearable item that can be worn with other items of its type.