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  • A silver tiara appears on your head. You feel important.
  • This silver tiara looks like something a very important princess would wear.
    • You can feel a small amount of magical energy coming from it.
    • It glitters brilliantly even with no nearby bright light source.
    • It feels completely weightless.
  • You are wearing a silver tiara on top of your (hair description).
  • You are wearing an absolutely gorgeous and shiny silver tiara on top of your (hair description).


Character Class Outfits

Ways of Obtaining

  • Sitting on the Throne while:
    • not wearing headgear
    • throne not on cooldown
  • Voluntarily sitting on a rocking horse trap while not wearing headgear.



  • metal


  • May slow decay or increase the brightness, blondeness or redness of hair.
  • Has a chance of materializing a Royal Dress.
  • Influences intelligence by +1.
  • May snag on tripwires when crawling.