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The player can become the priestess by wearing the runic headband and priestess outfit.

Obtaining Runic Headband

Main article: Runic Headband

Sitting on the dungeon altar will caused the runic headband to appear on the player unless:

  • The runic headband itself already exists in the game universe
  • The player is already wearing headgear for another class.

Obtaining Priestess Outfit

Main article: Priestess Outfit

The outfit has a chance to spawn onto the player if they are wearing the runic headband.


  • Changes the player's title to priestess
  • Strength lowered by 1.
  • Dexterity increased by 1.
  • Can use the dungeon altar once every 2 minutes rather than once every 5 minutes.
  • Prevents the mechanic from transforming immediately after receiving his amulet
    • This is assuming he hasn't been powered up in other ways beforehand
  • Reduces the time between uses the dungeon altar whenever the player finishes sex with a monster
    • Full resets the altar if the monster is a Minotaur
    • If the monster is a Demon Lord, increases the time until the next safe altar use instead
  • The Demoness is always aggressive towards you.
    • 50% of the time you deal extra damage to the demoness with a critical hit.
  • Allows the player to damage the demon lord.
  • Allows the player to damage ghosts.
  • The wishing well has a chance to be "offended" by your wishes.
  • Increases the rate at which the Demon Lords Broadsword "cools off" after being used
    • Also increases the chance the sword will try to rape the player after it transforms
  • Prevents the player from taking the Demon Lords Broadsword
  • Increases the player's delicateness by 3 when the player is wearing a Demon Tail Plug
  • Prevents the djinn from offering a "wish" to a player he hasn't met yet