Royal Slave

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Royal Slave

The player can become the Royal Slave by wearing the royal circlet and white basque.

Obtaining Royal Circlet

Main article: Royal Circlet

  • May materialize from involuntary lactation (i.e. not being milked).
  • The more times the player has lactated without "meaning to," the likelier the circlet is to spawn.

Obtaining White Basque

Main article: White Basque

  • The outfit has a chance to spawn onto the player if they are wearing the royal circlet.
  • The first time in the game that the basque tries to spawn, it will destroy all items in its way in order to do so successfully.


  • Changes the player's title to royal slave.
  • Can only orgasm when submitting during sex.
  • The dungeon stage will not do anything special except arouse you.
  • The demon broadsword will always become cursed if taken.
  • The royal guard will only mess with you if provoked.
  • Wrestlers and the dominatrix are always aggressive.
  • The wrestler might put you in the urinal if watersports is enabled.