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Consumable - Common


A small can containing a liquid corresponding to the can's color. Used with the **drink** command. Unlike vessels, cans can be neither cursed nor blessed, thus making cans one of the only ways to make sure a liquid is or isn't cursed. In addition, they are much more common than the tanks or buckets found in the dungeon and woods areas, so they are the usually the quickest way to increase player stats. Predictably, they fill the player's stomach.

Ways of Obtaining

  • Dropped by Guard (% to be added) and is always a Potion of Might
  • Dropped by Gladiator(% to be added) and is always a Potion of Virility
  • Found in any loot container.
  • Produced by the milking bench after milking
    • It will always produce a white can



  1. Clear can
  2. Silver can
  3. Bronze can
  4. Grey can
  5. Blue can
  6. Scarlet can
  7. Green can
  8. Magenta can
  9. Purple can
  10. White can


  1. Potion of Might
  2. Potion of Weight Loss
  3. Potion of Virility
  4. Energy Drink
  5. Potion of Speed
  6. Cursed
  7. White can(Milk)


Previous to release 6 Version 3.5, Grey cans were known as Black cans.