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The gladiator is a monster found in the dungeon. She is on a quest to "help" the player become a "real woman". For her, this means increasing breast size to astounding levels. As one of the toughest foes in the dungeon, it pays to be wary of starting fights to her, and what it means to reject her "help."



  • Attempt to trip
  • Attempt to hit with the broad side of her sword on either breasts, belly, or ass.
    • If the player fails a dexterity check after being hit it becomes a crit, doubling soreness gain.
  • Slice off overdresses and bras if the player is near maximum breast size


  • As long as trap fetish is not enabled, the gladiator will transform into a futanari gladiator upon dropping below half health.

Actions upon victory

  • Non futa:
    • Holds the players head down to force him/her to breath in the pink smoke
      • If the room isn't filled with smoke the gladiator will drag the player to a room filled with smoke.
      • If the gladiator can't find a smoke-filled room she will pull a smoke bomb out of her pussy to fill the current room with pink smoke.
    • If the gladiator sees another monster being victorious over (read: fucking) the player she will urinate on the player to shame the player further.
      • Requires watersports fetish.
      • Includes a yes or no option to swallow the urine
      • Answering yes will increase humiliation a lot
        • Answering yes for the first time has a much larger gain than subsequent yes's
      • Answering no will not humiliate the player, but it will soak the player's clothes with urine, and sometimes increase their hair blondness
      • If the Gladiator is friendly then she will only do so the second time she witnesses such an event onwards.
    • If the player attacked the Gladiator while she was friendly, and they are not wearing nipple chains, the gladiator will give them nipple chains(destroying anything that's in the way first.)
  • Futanari gladiators have given up on growing the player's breasts, and instead try to penetrate the player's mouth, ass, pussy, or chest if given the opportunity.
    • The player may ask the gladiator to wear a condom, but unless the player can get pregnant, she will usually refuse
    • The gladiator will usually do her best to pull out after vaginal sex, but if she is wearing a condom, the player is tight, or the player's vagina is more enticing than normal, she will finish inside instead.
      • If she does pull out, she will either bukkake the player or finish on the floor, depending on whether bukkake fetish is enabled.


The gladiator can be made unfriendly if any of the following conditions are met

  • Player attacks the gladiator
  • Player has breasts she considers "too small." The size she is satisfied with depends on the player's maximum possible breast size.
  • As long as the gladiator is still "female," she can still become friendly provided the player's breasts are large enough. Futanari gladiators are always unfriendly.
  • Futanari gladiators also will not give the player drinks when asked


The gladiator will be friendly as long as the above conditions are not met. The gladiator can teach the player the boob massage skill. If asked for a drink she will give the player a drink that massively increases breast size. As a proud/amazonian gladiator she thinks that a "real woman" has to win her own fights, so she does not assist in combat Attacking the gladiator while she is friendly, and while wearing nipple chains, will cause her to instantly faint the player.


  • Difficulty: 6
  • Hitpoints: 25-35
  • Girth: 4
  • Mess: 4
  • Fuckable? Yes.
  • Takes virginity? Yes.


  • Topless Gladiator
  • Proud Gladiator
  • Determined Gladiator
  • Amazonian Gladiator
  • Wild Gladiator
    • Always futa with trap fetish disabled
    • Will not wear condoms
    • Will sometimes pull out after vaginal sex and claim the player's ass too
    • Only appears in the woods
  • Insane Gladiator
    • Always futa with trap fetish disabled
    • As long as she is not wearing a condom, will sometimes pull out after vagina sex and take the player's butt too
    • Sometimes appears in the mansion


Futanari Gladiators will happily fuck the player's ass, mouth, breasts, or pussy if offered.


Its a good idea to run from the gladiator early on. Aside from the aeromancer, she is the only dungeon monster that is aggressive to the player as soon as they begin the game. That means its usually safe to run away from her since there's a low chance of running into the arms of another hostile monster. The player should try to have decent stats before they try facing the gladiator, since she does good damage and has a moderate amount of health. As with all monsters, making sure that there is a low chance of other enemies joining the fight can increase win chances dramatically. Keep the location of the nearest stool in your head. The unique victory action(s) allow the player to repeatedly stand up as long as he/she is not too exhausted. Because of this, getting a decent pair of heels can make this fight a lot easier and shorter. Once the player is already in a smoke-filled room, this strategy becomes harder, because the gladiator actively holds the player's head down, reducing the chance of successfully standing up. If the battle takes too long (random number of rounds?) the Gladiator will transform into a Futanari Gladiator.