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The cheerleader is a class that the player can become by wearing the cheerleader outfit and at least one Pink Scrunchie at the same time. The outfit increases dexterity. Cheerleaders can also obtain a pair of Pom-poms after wearing the outfit for a while

The cheerleader automatically knows the beg for mercy skill.

Obtaining The Pink Scrunchie

Main article: Scrunchie

The mannequin may outfit the player with a scrunchie or pair of scrunchies if she can force them to their knees, and they have at least chin length hair. Mannequins "prefer" to apply makeup, so if the player does not have maximum makeup, the mannequin will almost always try to increase it, even if the player meets the requirements for a scrunchie. Players with especially long hair may receive a second scrunchie, which has no additional effects other than increasing the player's bimbo.

Obtaining The Cheerleader Outfit

Main article: Cheerleader Outfit

The cheerleader outfit will randomly spawn onto the player as long as they are wearing one or more pink scrunchies.

Obtaining the Pom-Poms

Main article:Pom-Poms

The pom-poms will randomly spawn onto the player as long as they are wearing the scrunchies, they are not wearing an equippable item aready, and a new cheerleader outfit is currently unable to spawn


  • Adds 'Cheerleader' to the player's Title.
  • Increases the player's dexterity by the Blondeness of their hair.
  • Decreases the player's chances of getting pregnant
  • Increases the chances that monsters will try and use the players mouth, and give them a "creampie" rather than a facial
  • Sometimes causes the player to invite npc's to have sex (like temptation clothing.)
    • Also alters the "come hither text" for these propositions
  • Allows the player to escape from hook traps easier
  • Increases the chances that the player can successfully convince npc's to use condoms
  • Increases the chance that the player can successfully pacify a monster with an item
  • Adds a chance that greeting an unfriendly npc will sometimes cause it to lose interest and leave the player alone for a little while
  • Causes the shopkeeper to (almost) always pull out after sex.
  • Increases the chances of the player getting the Slutty Clubber epilogue at the end of the game
  • Decreases the chances that most monsters will attack the player for looking too slutty
  • Whenever the favour of an NPC is increased, it is increased by an additional 1
  • 50/50 chance of reducing any losses of favour with NPCs by 1.