Royal Guard

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Royal Guard

The Royal Guard is a monster found in the dungeon. Usually friendly at first but will turn hostile once the player has been sufficiently slutiffied. Whist friendly he can be very useful, since he assists princesses in combat and supplies water without drawbacks when asked.


  1. Potion of might
  2. Royal Sigil


  1. Attempt to trip over
  2. Attempt to increase body soreness

Actions upon victory

  • Fucks the players ass, pussy, mouth, or breasts if given the opportunity
    • The player may offer the guard a condom before anal or vaginal sex, which he'll usually take unless he's already impregnated you before, or there's someone around to talk him out of it
    • The guard will usually pull out and finish on the floor after vaginal sex, but if the player is very attractive, he's been given reason to think of the player as his "wife", he's wearing a condom, or the player's vagina seems more enticing than normal, he will finish inside instead.
  • Awards" player with handcuffs or anklecuffs if they are wearing latex plug panties or an unripped diaper. They will also force you to drink in order to force you to soil your diaper.
  • If the player has the watersports fetish enabled, the guard will sometimes decide to urinate on their face.
    • This chance is increased the less he likes the player
    • The player can catch the urine in their mouth to prevent it from soaking their bra and/or overdress(it will still hit their face).
      • This will massively humiliate the player, especially if it is the first time an NPC has peed in their mouth.
    • If the player has an open-topped container in their inventory, they can use it to catch the urine, although this will humiliate them.


The following actions will make the guard become aggressive:

  • Attacking
  • A bimbo score of 7 or higher.
    • This number is raised to 13 or higher if you are the princess.</span>
  • If a random number between 1 and 22 is lower than your bimbo score, you will automatically drop to your knees when a hostile guard notices you.
  • If a guard sees another guard attacking you, and is not already hostile, he will become hostile.
    • If the player is the princess, and he's been well taken care of with sex, he may remain on the player's side
  • If the player is the royal slave, he will avoid attacking the player.


Guards are initially friendly as long as none of the above conditions are met.

  • However, the guard may refuse to speak to players who:
    • have cum on their face or clothes
    • have exposed breasts or genitals
  • When on speaking terms with the player, the player can:
    • ask him for a drink without negative consequences
    • learn the submission(beg) skill from him.
  • If the player is attacked, or attacks someone else, the guard pretends not to see it and backs off.
    • If he notices the player in combat with another guard, he will become aggressive and join in.
    • If the player is the princess he will attack whomever is aggressive to the player.
      • By default, he sides with other guards over you, but there are ways of tipping the scales in your favor(i.e. have sex with him)
    • It is possible for the princess to try and form a royal garde (pun intended) to try and take down the minotaur, but since he'll instantly kill any guard he notices, the player will still have to do most of the work themselves.
  • If he notices you attacking a wench, regardless of whether or not she attacked you first, he will become unfriendly and tell both of you to get on the ground.
    • The wench will stop attacking you, but she will join in on any sex that happens if you lose, and she may not be on your side.


  • Difficulty: 7
  • Hitpoints: 28-40
  • Girth: 4
  • Mess: Semen, 3 units.
  • Fuckable? No.
  • Takes virginity? Yes.


  • Virtuous royal guard
  • Solemn royal guard
  • Gallant royal guard
  • Noble royal guard
  • Valiant royal guard


  • The guard is willing to listen to your preferences as long as you haven't provoked him with an unexpected attack, or outright ignored his orders after he decided to show you some mercy.
  • If you're kneeling when he finds you, or he feels your input doesn't matter, he'll go ahead and pick a hole without waiting for you to offer something.
  • Guards are normally willing to participate in friendly sex, but they don't respect women who give themselves up freely. Having sex with a guard is a bad way to increase his opinion of you, unless you're a princess


A rather strong opponent to begin with, but unlike the gladiator or the aeromancer, he is initially harmless to the player, so it's generally worthwhile to keep at least one guard alive as long as your bimbo score is low. Provided you meet his standards, the guard can teach you the beg skill if humiliation is starting to overwhelm you, and offers a drawback-free way of getting water. However, once you've become sufficiently "slutted" up, or the guard has outlived his usefulness, sufficiently strong and healthy players can kill guards for a potential potion of might. Generally, you should avoid fighting guards if there's another guard in the room, or if there's a good chance another one is nearby, since guards will gang up on you if they notice others in combat. Since the guard is living, he can take virginities, so be very careful not to piss him off unless you're wearing underwear or you have lube handy, since things can go sour very quickly if an unwanted guest happens to knock you over. If you are the princess, guards you find around the dungeon will follow you around and help in combat, but they will only follow you for as long as they are interested in you, and they run off if you get raped. Likewise, guards will never assist slaves in combat, but never attack royal slaves unless they do something to provoke him first. If you have a bunch of wenches ganging up on you, a good strategy might be to find a royal guard, since all of them will do what he tells them. However, if the guard is friendly, it might end up being more trouble than its worth, since he'll stay unfriendly after he catches you catfighting.