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The Royal Guard is a monster found in the dungeon. Usually friendly at first but will turn hostile once the player has been sufficiently slutiffied. Whist friendly he can be very useful, since he assists princesses in combat and supplies water without drawbacks when asked.


  • (Masculine) A calm and dignified man with a long, black hood covering most of his face. He is wearing armour, but it seems to be specialised for ease of removal, as well showcasing the rugged musculature of his torso. His shield, which bears a royal crest, is clearly too flimsy to be of any use.
  • (Feminine) A calm and dignified woman with a long, black hood covering most of her face. She is wearing armour, but it seems to be specialised for ease of removal, as well showcasing her visibly muscular torso. Her shield, which bears a royal crest, is clearly too flimsy to be of any use.
  • (Level 10 onward) (...) His shield, which bears a royal crest, is clearly reinforced, although it looks too small to cover up much of [his of M] body.
  • (Level 15 onward) (...) His shield, which bears a royal crest, is well reinforced, and is large enough to cover most of [his of M] upper body.
  • (Prison guard) (...) His shield is large enough to cover his upper body, and has tiny symbols covering its surface, probably increasing his resistance to magic.
  • (Prison guard, with key) (...) His shield is large enough to cover his upper body, and has tiny symbols covering its surface, probably increasing his resistance to magic. A single key on a small string dangles from [his of M] belt.
  • (Defeated by minotaur) The royal guard's armour has been torn to shreds, and his ridiculously distended belly is completely filled with minotaur semen.
  • (Defeated by boogeymonster, masculine) The royal guard's royal armour has been transformed into a dark blue guard-themed baby cosplay onesie, complete with a giant safety pin on the front and an inflatable floppy sword. His hair has been put into pigtails with a blue ribbon, making him look like a cute little sissy girl. A thick bulge below the waist makes it clear that he has been clothed in a big thick nappy.
  • (Defeated by boogeymonster, tg fetish) (...) The royal guard has been transformed into a woman, complete with a cute blue ribbon that now adorns [his of M] now pigtailed hair. (...)
  • (Defeated by boogeymonster, feminine) (...) A cute blue ribbon adorns her now pigtailed hair. (...)

Basic Info

Actions Upon Perception

  • If the tutorial is active, his actions will follow a set script.
  • He will immediately become angry if:
  • As long as the player's appearance rating doesn't exceed 18, he will be friendly if:
    • The player is currently serving drinks
    • He is in the altar room and the player is the Priestess
    • He is a prison guard, the player is wearing locked bondage, and their sentence time is up.
    • He considers the player his wife (i.e. you had his baby)
    • The player is a Royal Slave
    • The player is a Bunny
  • If he doesn't become friendly or unfriendly immediately, he will assess the player's appearance. Depending on his internal favour value, which usually ranges from 1 to 20, he will become unfriendly.
    • If the player is wearing messed knickers, he will lose 4 favour and immediately lose interest.
    • If the player is getting fucked, they have semen on their face, or their breasts are visible, with semen on them, he will lose 2 favour. If this doesn't push him into unfriendly territory, he will immediately lose interest.
    • If the player's appearance rating exceeds 6 (20 for princesses), he will lose 2 favour.
      • If he isn't already "friends" with the player, he may decide to grope them if they are not a princess or a royal slave

Actions After Perception


The royal guard will defend the princess and anyone lucky enough to be his wife. Otherwise, he prefers leaving people to their own devices.

  • If he catches the player fighting with a Wench, he will ask the player to stop (and eventually become unfriendly if the player doesn't obey)
    • Prison guards will step in immediately.
  • If the player is being held down by an npc
  • If he notices the player in combat
      • He will be more loyal if he is already friends with the player, and they are princess.
    • If he is very good friends with the player, he will attack on their behalf.
    • If the player is a princess or they have had his children, he will also attack on their behalf
      • If the npc ends up defeating the player, he will run away
    • Otherwise, he will leave the room.


  • If the player is upright
    • Attack
    • Try to trip
    • If he has been reduced to half health, and he is either a prison guard or level 10+, he will raise his shield
      • While his shield is up, he becomes immune to slaps and punches.
      • In addition to slaps, prison guards are also immune to magical attacks while their shields are up.
      • Attacking him while he's holding his shield will reduce the amount of time he can raise it.
    • Lower his shield, if its up
  • If the player is stuck on a dildo
    • If the player is female, and they have an unoccupied orifice, he will start fucking you in your other hole
    • If the player is female and they don't have an open orifice, he will mess with you by fucking you with the dildo on the pole.
      • Each time he does this, he has a chance of losing interest
  • If the player is kneeling
    • Try initiating submissive sex
    • "Awards" player with handcuffs or anklecuffs if they are wearing latex plug panties or an unripped diaper. They will also force you to drink in order to force you to soil your diaper.
    • If the player has angered the shopkeeper by stealing, he will punish them appropriately
      • If the shopkeeper is still around, he will lock the player into bondage, and drag them to the shopkeeper.
      • If the shopkeeper isn't around, he will drag the player to the prison cell and lock them in with him (and any other nearby guards)
        • The prison guard will do this even if the shopkeeper isn't involved


The royal guard can teach the Beg skill to players who don't annoy him with too many questions. Those who do annoy him may have a ballgag to deal with in their immediate future, although he's a bit more lenient if the player is a Princess.

Speech Info

  • Teachable skill: Beg
  • Drinks? Yes


Royal guards, in addition to jewelery, like to receive insignia as gifts. The items below have a special value when given to a guard.


In addition to his attacks, the royal guard has a shield that he can raise to protect himself from damage. The shield doesn't help against knees or kicks, but it can make him last longer at higher difficulties. If the player defeats him, he can give the player a Potion of might, a Royal Sigil, or a strapon dildo if the player demands an item from him.

Combat info

  • Banishable? Yes
  • Taxable? Yes
  • Pityable? Yes
  • Dominant sexable? Yes
    • Penetration? Yes
    • Blowjob? Default
    • Ride? Yes
    • Watersports? Default

Submissive Sex

The royal guard is a male monster, which means his primary means of punishing the player is penetration. He will generally heed requests for him to use a certain orifice, but he will probably ignore the player if his favour is especially low, or they made him angry with an uprovoked attack. The guard is usually willing to stop friendly submissive sex at any time, but if the player is a princess, there is a chance he will accidentally lose control at the last moment and jizz inside the player.

Sex-Related info

  • Male
  • Girth: 4
  • Semen Load: 3
  • Anal: Yes
  • Vaginal: Yes
  • Creampies: Usually
  • Titfucks: Yes
  • Oral: Yes
  • Takes virginities: Yes
  • Fertile: Yes
  • Watersports: Yes

Creampie Interactions

The royal guard doesn't like to pull out, but he will if the player is a princess (or they beg him not to). If he pulls out and bukkake fetish is enabled, he will finish on the player's thighs instead of on the floor.

  • Pulling out
    • If he is having vaginal sex with the player, and he has impregnated them at least once, he will never pull out
    • As long as the player isn't a Royal Slave, he will pull out if the player begs him not to.
    • If the player is a princess, he will always pull out unless he has become the player's consort.
    • If a random number between 20 and 25 is less than the difference between the guard's favour value and the player's appearance rating, he will pull out
  • If his pull out conditions aren't satisfies, he will always creampie the player.

Condom Interactions

The royal guard will sometimes try to avoid wearing a condom, especially if he's already impregnated the player once. If there are any wenches nearby, each of them has a chance of stepping in and snatching condoms away before he can put them on. He will be more willing to wear a condom if the player is a cheerleader.

Pregnancy Interactions

Once he impregnates the player once, he considers them his wife, and will do his best to protect you from harm. Unfortunately, he'll strongly resist any attempts to make him wear protection or pull out, so if you get pregnant once, expect a family. If the guard is in the room while the player is giving birth, the player will gain 1 intelligence, dexterity and strength.

After Sex

After penetrative sex, the royal guard will fall asleep for a while. If the player is a princess, he will also become slightly more loyal. Any type of sex will result in a small increase in his favour, but if the player decides not to swallow after oral sex, he will become angry and tear some of the player's clothes off in response.

If the guard is a prison guard, he may reward the player for a job well done by unlocking some of their bondage.

Dominant sex

The royal guard has unique dominant sex scenes implemented for penetration and riding. The rest of his scenes are defaults.

Dominant Penetration

Penetrating the guard will be more effective depending on the length of the player's penis (or strapon.)

  • if penis length is larger than 8 inches
    • The player will orgasm during the scene
    • The guard will orgasm during the scene
    • Depending on whether lady fetish is enabled, counts as either vaginal or anal sex.
    • The player will get a very large dignity boost
  • if penis length is larger than 3, not but larger than 8
    • The player will orgasm during the scene
    • The player will get a large dignity boost
    • Depending on whether lady fetish is enabled, counts as either vaginal or anal sex.
  • if penis length is 3 or less
    • The player's domination quality is reduced to neutral
    • The guard will become friendly again
    • the player will gain a medium amount of dignity
    • If the guard is starting to feel sexually frustrated, he will be refreshed
    • Does not count as sex

Dominant Riding

Riding the guard will vary in intensity depending on how tight the player's chosen orifice is. If the guard isn't wearing a condom, and the player passes a secondary domination roll, they will have a chance to stop early. If they stop early, they get a very large dignity boost and avoid a creampie, but they don't get to cum either. If they don't stop early, the player will have an orgasm, and the player will receive a creampie. Otherwise, the player will only get a moderate dignity boost.

Failed Dominance

His actions if the player fails a domination attempt will depend on whether the player is a princess.

  • If the player is a princess
    • If the player's asshole is visible and not plugged, he will ask the player for permission to fuck them.
      • If the player says yes, his favour resets, bringing him back into friendly territory
      • If the player says no, his favour will drop by one, he will become slightly less loyal and he will lose interest.
    • If the player doesn't have a visible asshole, his loyalty will drop a little, his favour will reset and he will lose interest.
  • If the player is not a princess
    • He will use sex to teach the player a lesson


A rather strong opponent to begin with, but unlike the gladiator or the aeromancer, he is initially harmless to the player, so it's generally worthwhile to keep at least one guard alive as long as your bimbo score is low. Provided you meet his standards, the guard can teach you the beg skill if humiliation is starting to overwhelm you, and offers a drawback-free way of getting water. However, once you've become sufficiently "slutted" up, or the guard has outlived his usefulness, sufficiently strong and healthy players can kill guards for a potential potion of might. Generally, you should avoid fighting guards if there's another guard in the room, or if there's a good chance another one is nearby, since guards will gang up on you if they notice others in combat. Since the guard is living, he can take virginities, so be very careful not to piss him off unless you're wearing underwear or you have lube handy, since things can go sour very quickly if an unwanted guest happens to knock you over. If you are the princess, guards you find around the dungeon will follow you around and help in combat, but they will only follow you for as long as they are interested in you, and they run off if you get raped. Likewise, guards will never assist slaves in combat, but never attack royal slaves unless they do something to provoke him first. If you have a bunch of wenches ganging up on you, a good strategy might be to find a royal guard, since all of them will do what he tells them. However, if the guard is friendly, it might end up being more trouble than its worth, since he'll stay unfriendly after he catches you catfighting.


The royal guard has one special variety, the prison guard. The prison guard's shield is available at all levels, and protects him from magical damage. Additionally, he is a lot stricter with players he has defeated.

  • Virtuous royal guard
  • Solemn royal guard
  • Gallant royal guard
  • Noble royal guard
  • Valiant royal guard
  • Prison guard