Cock Pacifier

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Cock pacifier


Clothing - Gag - Unique


A pacifier with a penis-shaped sucker. The cock pacifier functions like a ballgag, preventing the player from talking and using the statues in the statue hall to reduce soreness. This accessory is too tight to allow the player to drink, even with low jaw soreness, however, this item has a special way of keeping the player from succumbing to thirst.

Ways of Obtaining

  • May materialise cursed on player when following criteria are met:
    • Player is not wearing a gag already
    • Player has just finished sucking from the penis statues in the Statue Hall
    • If the player has chosen the "trapped in bondage" fetish along with the "sex addict" fetish in the pregame menu.


  • Humiliation: ?


  • (Whilst worn)
    • If the player begins to get thirsty, the pacifier will ejaculate either water or semen into the player's mouth and add (?) units to the player's stomach.
      • Water "ejaculations" will add (?) units to the player's stomach
      • Semen ejaculations will add (?) units to the player's stomach
        • Semen ejaculations humiliate the player
        • The chance for semen is affected by humiliation
    • Prevents the player from talking
    • Prevents the player from using the drink command
    • Prevents the player from buying items from the shopkeeper
    • Wenches will leave the player alone after forcing them to kneel
  • (When worn)
    • 30 seconds pass


The amount that semen ejaculations add to the stomach is so low that the pacifier will ejaculate again within the next few "minutes," spamming them until it does ejaculate water.