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  • A cream coloured translucent skin-tight suit that goes up to the neck and down to the feet. The suit clings to the body to make sure it hides none of its curves, and it has a zipper at the crotch. Frills at the neck prevent the wearing of any other neckwear. The rubbery nature of the suit and the long arms ending in latex gloves mean it would take a long time to take on and off...


  • Overdresses
  • See category page for information common to all overdresses. This page lists only exceptions and overrides.

Ways of Obtaining

  • Found in containers.


  • Influences Dexterity based on magic modifier
  • Influences Strength based on magic modifier
  • Influences Bimbo.
  • May have the posture training attribute.
  • May have the speed attribute.


  • Latex


  • No special effects.