We're Live!

Hey everyone, so this is it. Obviously a work in progress, but functioning well enough for me to want to start using it as my main platform. Feel free to test your ability to comment in the disqus thing below. Tell me how much you love or hate the new look and the new functionality. Posts from people who can't be bothered to register an account will have to wait for moderator approval.

The beautiful Trap Quest site banner was drawn by Gentleman Paux. If enough of you absolutely hate having to see the image and it's going to stop you coming to the site, I will look into adding a button to disable it. But I like it, so there :P

The other test is the direct download. You can now download the game directly from this site at impressive speeds, but as this machine is also running my forum it remains to be seen if this causes too much strain on the server and causes it to struggle. We may end up moving back to external hosting.

Finally, I suggest you check out the Development Plan to get an idea of what stuff is going to look like moving forward.

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