Trap Quest Art

Over the development of Trap Quest, a decent amount of art has been made. Some of it is fan art, some because I've commissioned it as per one of the later Patreon milestones.

If you are turned off by some of the fetishes in the game, most notably egg laying and crazy body shapes, you will probably find something you won't enjoy here. You have been warned.

Since some people are quite averse to it, Trap Quest's diaper art now has its own page. Click here to see it.

Commission - Forbidden Ritual by Jizelle
Gladiator knows best.

Commission - Princess Position by RBG
Please assume the Princess Party Submission Position

Commission - Horse Ride by Jizelle

Commission - Sex doll / mannequin cross-over by Jizelle

Fan Art - "I have a very specific playstyle" by Rush Eloc

Fucking Casuals.

Fan Art - A bad day to be a wench by "Icarus"

Commissioned Art - Santa Hat by DontFapGirl:

Fan Art - Spooky Mannequin by "Icarus"

Fan Art - Dominatrix by "Icarus"

Commission - A Royal Welcome by aka6

Click here for an alternate X-ray version

Commission - Everyone loves surprises by Jizelle
I make the best butt puns.

Fan Art - A unique midwife by "Icarus"

The player looks like she's about to go Super Saiyan.

Fan Art - Witch Riding her 'Broomstick' by "Icarus"

I've no idea why anyone would call a penis a broomstick.

Commission - Harder to Breathe by Jizelle
This is EXACTLY what Maroon 5 had in mind.

Commission - Hook, Line and Sphincter by Jizelle
I make the best butt puns.

Commission - A Well Earned Rest by Sparrow

As far as I understand, in the 1800s this would just be considered a standard relationship.

Commission - A Royal Delivery by Emma Presents

The guard is quickly losing his self control.

Fan Art - Trap Quest Maid by Anonymous Fan 1

The poor girl can clearly only support her body weight on those toes for a minute at a time, max.

Fan Art - Trap Quest Maid 2 by Anonymous Fan 1

Rather inevitable that she'd have to travel this way given that body.

Fan Art - Trap Quest Schoolgirl by Anonymous Fan 1

The only thing she'll be learning is why having long hair is a liability when trying to fend off assailants.

Fan Art - Trap Quest Princess by Anonymous Fan 1

After a few more bottles she MIGHT start to realise what this green drink is doing to her body.

Fan Art - Trap Quest Ballerina by Anonymous Fan 1

She can balance perfectly on one heel, but that doesn't mean she can outrun that minotaur.

Paid Art - Christmas Animation by Keriax (using Sarath's art as a base)

It's going to be a long year...