Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I access the donators features?
A. To see what pledges get what rewards, go here: and then once you've pledged to my Patreon, look for the latest unlock file (either just go through my recent posts, or click on the link provided in the details of your reward tier). There's not a new unlock file every single month so don't panic if the latest one you can find is 2 or 3 months old, it's still giving you the latest stuff. Even if you only pledge once and then immediately cancel, your unlock file will still grant you access to all the content that has been released up until that month even in newer versions of the game. At least into the foreseeable future, if not forever.

Q. I used the donators unlock file but undo is still disabled.
A. Make sure the unlock file is in the same folder as the main game file and that you have opened the unlock file with your interpreter, as if it was a game. Also, the game only checks the donators file when you start a new game. To update the file in the middle of a playthrough, type 'update donators file'.
If you're using Fabularium on Android, there's one more step you'll need to do as well, because Fabularium automatically segregates all gblorb files into their own subdirectory structures. After running the game file and unlock file at least once each, you need to find and take the file called "donators" which will be in the Fabularium folder alongside your unlock file, and copy or move it to the Fabularium folder where it's put your main game file.

Q. I have a problem with the launcher.
A. If your question isn't answered here: then try asking in #nsfw-tq-usability-issues on the Discord server:

Q. I tried to use undo and it said "You cannot undo any further".
A. Some people seem to have this problem, it's to do with how much memory the interpreter has been allocated. This tends to mostly happen with Gargoyle. If possible, use Windows Git instead (using WINE if you're not on Windows). Sorry about this, it's out of my control.

Q. What the hell takes you so long to develop this game?
A. I have a family and a social life. I currently make sacrifices in both of the above to accommodate the fact that I work about 8 hours a day, 6 to 7 days a week. I do a lot of everything, from game deisgn, to managing the team and deciding what they do, to coding in everything that they contribute (except MG), to doing my own work, to web development, financial admin, and so on.

Q. Can save files be opened by different versions of the game?
A. No I'm afraid not, Inform 7's save system is completely in-built and will only work with exactly the same game file.

Q. I'm getting a "Can't open gamefile" error when I try to open the game!
A. 99% of the time this is because of a corrupted file. Check the filesize, does it look right? Try redownloading, and if possible use MEGA rather than the direct download which is sometimes under large amounts of stress. The other 2% of the time, this is caused by your low spec PC being unable to pass such a large file to the interpreter correctly. Instead of double-clicking on the game file to open it, open your interpreter first and then select the game file from the window that opens.

Q. Can the player become a 'futanari' with both sets of genitalia?
A. No I'm afraid not, the game's coding framework was never designed with that in mind and it would now take a lot of work to make it possible and bug-free. The same goes for anything that might temporarily remove the player's ability to see, feel or hear.

Q. Is there an interpreter for my phone / tablet / browser?
A. There is an android app that works now available at and we have recently started to hear reports of people successfully getting the game working on iOS frotz. But since phone screens are small you may need to turn off some of the graphics windows in order to play properly.

Q. Is XYZ only for patrons?
A. No, once it is completed it will become available to everybody. The only things that are completely restricted to patrons are essentially cheats, i.e. undo and debug commands.

Q. The game seems to be running very slowly.
A. I'm afraid there's a limit to how much I can help with this, the game is really big now and it has lots of stuff to calculate every single turn. Inform 7 really really wasn't designed to support a game of this magnitude! If you're not using Windows Git, try Windows Git. If you are, and you're using the Danaume character window, try disabling the character stat wheels. If you already have, try saving the game, closing the program, re-opening it and then loading your save by using 'Quick Start' and then typing 'restore'. Try closing applications that use a lot of CPU power like your browser or other games. I also find that if my PC has been on for a long time, this seems to sometimes cause Windows Git to start really lagging, no matter how many times I open and close it. In these cases, a full restart of my PC often causes Trap Quest to start going much faster again.

Q. I think the game needs way more focus on X and less time spent on Y.
A. That's cool, but others disagree, including myself. Feel free to make your own game which focuses on X, Inform7 is a pretty easy platform to learn.

Q. I think the game needs way more focus on the flavour and descriptions of sex and less time spent on the gameplay mechanics.
A. The mission statement of this game is to have interesting gameplay and lots of randomised outcomes which will give the game replayability.  I understand you guys love the flavour, but my main issue with lots of other adult text based games is that there was not enough time spent on designing a good gameplay system or considering replayability, and you're left with some (very hot) cutscenes that get boring after you've read each one twice. And then there's nothing else to do but grind.

Q. Are you going to put pictures in for X body part in the porn version?
A. The porn window is no longer actively developed as it is technically against the rules of Patreon to fund the development of stuff to do with real pornogrpahic photos.

Q. You never responded to my email! Not cool.
A. I do apologise I am absolutely awful at meaning to reply to emails and forgetting about it. I'm slowly getting better but am still not perfect. Feel free to poke me after a few days if I've failed to get back to you. Alternatively, I'm easier to get in touch with on Discord:

Q. Why can't I massage my breasts any more?
A. It was a skill you learned from the gladiator which was changed to titfuck, and then to big breasted combat. It may return in the future, who knows.