Restricted Features, a.k.a. In-game Supporter Rewards!

The current banner image was drawn by Wishberri, and is one of a large number of public exposure predicaments your player can find themselves in, in the Extra Credit Zone, if you support development!

Last updated: 17th June 2022. If this date is way in the past, prod Aika to remind them to update it again!

This page details what in-game features are currently restricted, and only available to people who have funded development. Most features start in alpha, then go to beta and then to public. But cheating things, like undo and debug, do not. They stay as rewards for people who have showered Aika with cash at the Trap Quest Patreon page or the Shame Games SubscribeStar page - there is a 10% discount on the Alpha Tester tier on the SubscribeStar page.

NB: If you're into diaper stuff, please look at this table on my other site instead, because you should consider pledging to my other Patreon account.

Feature $5 Beta Tester $20 Alpha Tester
Can use undo (will never be in public version)
Can play with the character window being actively developed - the Clothing Window
Can access the Extra Credit Zone in the academy, a whole extra sub-region full of sexy public exposure predicaments
Can spend 1 point to remove the random patron-designed NPC that spawns each game
The combat visor will appear in the pink wardrobe for free (lets you see some of the behind-the-scenes numbers being calculated)
Can enable alcohol (being inebriated increases appearance and lowers stats but also lowers all humiliation gains)
Can enable stronger curses (the knives and altars can't remove cursed clothing, instead, altars can re-roll uncurse quests)
Can customise some flavour, including your own name (after the game has started properly, go into "settings" and there will be some new options "Customise female names", "Customise male names", and "Customise flavour".
Can use the "torment" verb on permanently defeated NPCs (e.g. anyone who got got by the minotaur)
Can use the "torment" verb on caged NPCs
Can experience the Deep One's new special attacks
Can enconter some more of Barbara's latest scenes, e.g. the 8 patron 2 girl gangbang scene, the anal stool scene, the vine pit rescue scene, and the throne sitting scene
Can enconter some special variants of the hotel patrons, including 'real life friends' who you've been exposed to over the Internet
Can attempt to dominate the pimp
Can be hypnotised by the woods statue to react a certain way every time you hear the word 'please'
Can enable dirty cheater mode (allows you to use the commands at the bottom of this page) and debug mode (enables some debug text that shows some of the game's inner workings)
Can read your epilogue(s) at the end of the game
Can become a futanari by placing enough Defiance Tokens in a crafting bowl while female
Can enable seasonal content outside of seasonal releases
Can set NPC gender preference (a Work In Progress feature where all NPCs are men or all NPCs are women)
Can enable an option that allows silicone breast implants to become filled with milk just like normal breast flesh
The fairy witch, once met in the woods, can randomly attempt to turn another NPC into Bowsette, a special alpha-tester-only NPC!
Can encounter the FINAL BATTLE! (Spoiler warning! Read more about it here)
Certain NPCs can get put in the Dominatrix's cage
Can get put in the portal underwear by the pimp, allowing him to force you into 'partial slavery' until your debts are paid
Can encounter the latest lessons in the Academy (right now that's the Enema Tag lesson, pink diamond ranked)
Can encounter the latest Extra Credit lessons in the Academy (right now that's the Transparent Toilets Dildos Predicament and Joint Stuck In Wall Predicament)
The headmistress can turn one of the students that has left the Academy into the new changing room fuckhole
The headmistress can lock the toilets and require people to come ask her for the key
The robo vacuum cleaner can force you to become its living dumpster if you are able to wear the black hood
Can encounter the newest trap, the 'Choice Trap'

Debug Commands:

  • Dirtycheater - Turn cheat mode on / off (allows use of below commands).
  • Debug - Turn debug mode on / off (allows use of below commands and also outputs a bunch of extra test to help Aika debug stuff).
  • Epilogue - Ends the game and lets you choose an epilogue. This way you can read them all! (the epilogue might not make much sense depending on how far off your stats are from the requirements to get assigned that epilogue normally)
  • In-built debug commands: these actually work regardless of unlock level but are also super powerful and not built by me and so CAN MUCH MORE EASILY BREAK THE GAME. If you use purloin or gonear your bug report is invalid.
    • Purloin [Item/NPC/Clothing] - Adds Item/NPC/Clothing to inventory. NPCs can then be dropped and will act normally as long as they're in the correct region.
    • Gonear [Item/NPC/Clothing] - Moves the player to the location of that object. If the object is not currently spawned in the game universe, you'll get an error or possibly a crash. If it's in a different region, the game won't know you've changed region until you do an examine self action and everything will start going real weird.
      • Do a "set up regions" command first if you like; this will trigger the loading of all other regions and prevent issues with you jumping into a location which hasn't yet been set up, so has no exits.
    • Showme [Item/NPC/Clothing] - Shows details of Item/NPC/Clothing.
  • Item - spawns an item that could be found in a container and identifies its magical attributes.
  • Brain - Increase intelligence.
  • Bulge - Fill stomach.
  • Swell - Increase breast size.
  • Gape - Increase vagina/ass openess.
  • Ruin - Increase soreness of vagina/ass.
  • Paint - Add a layer of makeup.
  • Sluttify - Add humiliation/Decrease dignity/Add layer of makeup and general sluttery.
  • Stupify - Decrease intelligence.
  • Anaconda - Increase ass size.
  • Bukkake - Add a layer of cum to face.
  • Pearl necklace - Add layer of cum to breasts.
  • Sticky feeling - Add layer of cum to thighs.
  • Hyper weapon - Increase penis size.
    • mini weapon - decrease penis size.
  • Superhero - Turns the player into a busty superheroine.
  • Exhibitionist - Gives the player the "no panties" and "super short skirts" fetish and resets humiliation to 0.
  • Fetish model - Turns the player into a latex fetish model.
  • Blow me up - Initiate or progress sex doll transformation.
  • Rapunzel - Increase hair length.
  • Disintegrate - Destroy monster/item/clothing.
  • Curse [clothing] - Self explanatory.
  • Bless [clothing] - Same.
  • Imbue [clothing] - Increase magic modifier.
  • Dispel [clothing] - Decrease magic modifier.
  • Fuck my shit up - Turns your player into Brendan Fraser (gives all tattoos).
  • susan wayland - max heel skill
  • cow time - increases milk volume of breasts by 8
  • polymorph [worn clothing] - tries to transform it
  • balloon - inflates breasts, belly and hips with air
  • one more time - resets cooldowns of all interactable objects: throne, modification machine, altar, alchemist's table, stage, cross trainer, gloryhole, laundry robots.
  • this isn't even my final form - heals all soreness and fatigue and health instantly.
  • toilet time - makes you need to use the loo
  • shower time - covers the player randomly in milk, urine or semen (fetish permitting)
  • doom time - advances the doom counter (which eventually results in the spawning of the herald and the corruption of some NPCs and objects)
  • turn me on - slightly increases arousal
  • me so horny - significantly increases arousal
  • set [stat]
    • strength
    • dexterity
    • intelligence
    • humiliation
    • delicateness
    • sex addiction
    • breast sensitivity
    • taste addiction
    • creampie addiction
  • modify [internal stat]
    • stomach water
    • stomach food
  • freeze hair - freezes / unfreezes hair changes
  • clumsy me - forces the player to trip
  • lumos - reveals entire map
  • jack me in - learns all skills
  • wear me out - max gape, and increases fatigue and body damage to max
  • show me the money - adds solid gold jewellery to all open slots
  • anger [NPC] - if the NPC is friendly, makes them unfriendly. If the NPC is unfriendly, increases their dififculty.
  • befriend [NPC] - makes the NPC friendly.
  • refresh [NPC] - sets a monster's refractory period to 0 and wakes them up if asleep
  • refresh [clothing] - resets and randomises the item's attributes as if it was brand new
  • laser removal [tattoo] - removes tattoo
  • orgasm - makes the player orgasm
  • force spawn [summoning portal] - decreases the cooldown of the summoning portal
  • weaken [NPC] - sets health to 1
  • knock me up with [NPC] - makes player pregnant with child from target NPC
  • pin condom on [noun] - pins used condom on clothing
  • i have the power - gain 5 magic power
  • the chosen one - become a virgin warrior with a blessed hairclip
  • barbify - progress Barbara's journey towards Bambi
  • promote [noun] - gives a slut school student or yourself a promotion
  • predicament time - trigger a random appropriate Extra Credit lesson (must be in the academy)
  • joint predicament with [student] - trigger a random appropriate joint Extra Credit lesson
  • incubate - fill your belly with eggs.
  • vodka - increase your alcohol level.
  • grope me please [NPC] - cause the NPC to grope you.
  • power on [video streaming device] - powers on the streaming device, triggering a video call with a person from the 'real world' if you get in a fight in that room.
  • final battle - triggers the final battle, even if it happened already (must be in the hotel)
  • prank me [ditzy student] - cause the NPC to prank you.