Trap Quest Release 15 Version 1.1

This blog post's banner is by Wishberri, and it's her new art for the boxing glove trap.

This is really just small upgrade, and the release of the Strateg version with this new dual-window system.

How to Download - Newbies on Windows

If you're brand new, on Windows, and either not very good with computers or just don't want to make any decisions on graphics version right now, download this zip file, which contains both the game file and the program needed to run it.

ZIP File - Direct Download

After you've extracted your zip file, all you need to do is open git.exe and then select the file starting with TrapQuest to run the game.

If you have any issues with that, reach out to us on Twitter or Discord or in the comments section below.

How to Download - Everyone Else

Trap Quest was created with Inform. To play a work like this one, you need to download two different things:

1) A glulxe interpreter program (you open this program and then select the game file): many are available, Windows Git is strongly recommended for any machine that can run it (if your overzealous antivirus has a problem with area57's improved speed version, there's an older official version here). Another interpreter called Gargoyle is available on multiple platforms but is more prone to crashes. If you're having trouble consult this page.

2) The game file:

Danaume's Body Window Version - GBLORB File - Direct Download


Strateg's Body Window Version - GBLORB File - Direct Download

Known Issues

  • Updating to the latest version of the MacBook operating system no longer supports WINE. If this is the case for you, I'm afraid you'll need to run Windows in a Virtual Machine or otherwise fully emulate Windows to play Trap Quest on your computer using the recommended Windows Git. Your other option is to try Gargoyle (see here).
  • In some interpreters, on some people's computers, undo is failing to work because the interpreter's undo buffer isn't large enough to handle the game.


Main Changes

  • Strateg dual window release!
  • New art for the boxing glove trap, by Wishberri.
  • New art for hotel safes by Conrico.
  • New art for lots of in-game icons and buttons, by Wishberri.

Alpha Testers

  • The strateg window can now do the 'before and after' animation!
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