Release 7 Version 2.6

NB Release 7 Version 2.8 is now out!

Sorry for the long wait. To make it clear, since I promised pledgers from March a second version, the newest stuff here is accessible to pledgers from March even if they've cancelled their pledge since then. The next version after this, further new stuff will be walled behind a new unlock for current pledgers (i.e. May 2016 pledgers).

Anyway, onto the cool news. A really cool dude called savituro has been working on something called "blorbsmacker". This Windows executable lets you change any image you want out for any other image you have on your computer, and then save the new blorb file. It also lets you access a library all the images that are currently in the game. This is super cool! I recommend trying it out with the porn version, for example you could swap the starting face (or several faces) with a photo of yourself.

On my request, savituro has also quickly put together an "imageset" save function. This lets you save your changes into a file, which you could then theoretically send to your friend, or post in the comments, and then others could download your image set and apply it to their game. It could also theoretically allow you to effortlessly apply the same image set to future versions of the game but that isn't fully working yet because currently if I have added new images to the game, it'll fuck up and replace the wrong images. So hold steady on that functionality. To be crystal clear, you cannot expect that image set you spent an hour creating to work on future versions of the game yet.

Anyway, without further ado, here is a link: MEGA 2.8MB

The code is open source, so we can hopefully develop it as a community, but please do give savituro your praise and thanks in the comments to encourage him to keep working on it himself! If you are well versed in VB and eager to help develop this cool piece of software, please do get in touch with me at [email protected]

The bug with the patrons being unable to find a valid orifice is confirmed not fixed. I'm working on it.

Finally, I do apologise that this version may seem slightly lacklustre when compared to some other versions where there's been a month's gap. There are loads of reasons this has been the case, I went on holiday, real life is crazy busy, bug hunting took forever, some time has been spent on code tidying which has had no direct gameplay impact, and I've been working with contributors (coders, artists and more) to get their stuff working. The rest of April will likely be similarly slow thanks to 'real life', but after that it should be back to 100% productivity :-)

2.6 MEGA Mirrors: Drawn Version and Porn Version

2.6 Changelist:

  • Ripped clothing can now be repaired at the apothecary, using another piece of clothing of the same material.
  • Some tops can now be displaced to reveal your breasts, e.g. for titfucks.
  • New "Xavier's Cunt" crotch tattoo can be applied by Xavier after climaxing in your vagina. Prevents you standing up in his presence.
  • New female name 'Stephanie' (patreon reward).
  • New diaper lover stuff:
    • A bib which increases strength based on food in the player's stomach. Can be deployed by the matron after feeding session.
    • Onesies are slightly less crazy aggressive at spawning diapers.
  • The gladiator can now impregnate the player.
  • Short descriptions of hair now include the hair's colour.
  • Robots no longer 'look at you with a weird expression' or similar when you pee.
  • The game will say your penis 'shrivels' rather than 'shrinks' if it shrinks a lot all at once.
  • Fixed a bug where female players didn't lose their anal virginity.
  • Fixed a bug where the game wasn't correctly remembering which npc's previously had sex with the player
  • Fixed a bug where real breast size was being affected by breast implants, but didn't actually increase when implants got bigger.
  • Fixed a bug where the cum dumpster tattoo was displayed as visible when it should have been hidden by the player's mouth.
  • Fixed a run-time error that sometimes happened when the wrestler tried to drag the player to a matron that didn't exist.
  • Fixed a very old "bug" that sometimes allowed the player to kneel while on the throne.
  • Fixed a bug where the dominatrix was spawning in the wrong room.
  • Fixed a bug where the tail plug was not visible under skirts, which wasn't realisitic.
  • Fixed a bug where stockings could be removed regardless of what trousers or shoes were being worn.
  • Fixed a major bug where involuntary urination could not happen during 'cutscenes', i.e. any point where time is passing without the player giving further input, e.g. resting on furniture. This was preventing the bed wetting tattoo from spawning.

$5 Patron Only Stuff

  • New Keriax window stuff:
    • Wider image means larger breast sizes don't clip off the edge
    • Penis can get bigger
    • Fixed inconsistency with in-game description of testicles
    • Improved inconsistencies with in-game descriptions of hair length
    • Fixed a major issue where the character window was mixing up blondeness and redness!
    • Penis cumdrool only appears when horny, and vagina now appears wet when horny
    • Female chastity belt
    • Pacifiers
  • Succubus class has reached 'early beta' level of maturity and so is now available to pledgers at this level.

Current $20 Patron Only Stuff

  • While debug mode is enabled, the player will never refuse to wear clothing or present a body part because of too much dignity.
  • Debug command "rapunzel" lets you increase hair length.
  • Debug command "disintegrate" lets you instantly destroy any monster or item of clothing.
  • Friendly sex framework is here! Present a body part to a friendly NPC (i.e. someone who is following you about) whilst on your knees. This is pretty barebones right now, lots of NPCs will still say things as if they were forcing sex on you. Writing new flavour for all the NPCs comes next!
    • Typing 'submit'/'wait'/etc. continues the sex as normal. Typing 'resist'/'stand'/'go north'/etc. causes the player to try and end the consensual sex prematurely. Depending on the situation, the NPC might let you go, or turn unfriendly because they don't want to stop. In general, NPCs who you have given blue balls once will not stop prematurely a second time.
    • MG has been doing some interesting stuff with this and the dominatrix, if you encounter her early enough in your journey towards bimbodom you can pay her for 'sessions'. However there's no benefit to the player for doing this, yet.
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