Progress Update

So, it turns out if you thought that a plethora of addiction mechanics would be a long job, you'd have been wrong, because it's a super long job! But things are happening so never fear, it will get there.

Life has been busy for me personally but between MG and myself we've got a lot of bug fixes (seriously loads) and new content (including some more art for a couple of the character windows) that isn't related to the addiction stuff which I'm hoping to test sufficiently to upload late on Sunday. That's not a guarantee though, I'm afraid, it depends how things go!

Sorry for the relatively low amount of updates and replies to emails but sometimes it feels like the hours I could spend replying to everyone I could also spend working! So that's why I often procrastinate when it comes to replying to people.

In other super awesome personal news, I have moved from full time to pro rata, significantly cutting down my hours at work meaning I will have many more daytime hours to work on TQ and therefore get some of my evenings back! And a happy Aika is a motivated Aika.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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