Encounter Yourself in Trap Quest!

Okay first things first, the question you're all wondering, yes 6.2 is almost ready and is only a few days away! Now with that out the way...

I've been feeling recently that there aren't enough 'normal' NPCs, ones that obey all the normal rules of the game, that is NPCs who get less and less friendly if they see you looking or acting inappropriately and eventually they decide to have sex with you. I decided I want to be able to have a small supply of these 'normal' NPCs which I can then play around with numbers and see how much letting one or more of them join the game impacts on gameplay.

Meanwhile for years now I've been having people ask me if there is any room for a higher reward tier, something that's extra special and exclusive that can differentiate these mega-fans from the rest of the pack. I've struggled with thinking of something appropriate because it's not cost efficient for me to let individuals commission content. But now I've finally found an idea I'm happy with, an allows me to kill two birds with one stone.

So... here we go! Do you have more money than sense? Or perhaps you just really really really love me? Well this is your chance to prove it. For a lofty $100 you can have you or your Original Character be an encounterable NPC in Trap Quest! This is how it'll work:

  • A limited number of people each month (currently 10) will be able to pledge at this tier and create their character.
    • There's a few things I need to know, and a huge list of flavour that you can customise if you want.
  • After this, each pledge cycle you stay at this tier, you will earn credits that will allow you to upgrade your NPC and make them more of a challenge.
  • Each time someone plays Trap Quest, one of these new NPCs will be spawned in either the Dungeon, Woods or Hotel region, the canon explanation being that they have paid a hefty fee to hop into the VR game and hopefully fuck a bunch of struggling sluts.
    • Especially strong NPCs will only ever spawn in the upper regions.
    • I might in the future increase the number that can spawn each game, probably via the spawning mechanics that already exist in the game.
  • The NPCs don't follow the player around - they are simply uninterested in players they don't want to bang yet. So there's no conversation (greet / question / request drink) functionality - just perception, combat and sex.

Character Limitations

In order to make sure they are compatible with everyone's kinks, NPCs must be human, or extremely close to human. I'll probably allow elves, and people with cat ears or whatever, but nothing drastic.

Something to bear in mind is that your character's main motivation for being in the game is to get laid. So it won't make sense for them to be a pathetic weak sissy locked in a chastity cage who is scared of everyone. All NPCs will follow the same global rules of attacking the player once they decide the player is too slutty, with the sole intention of dominating the player. Your NPC can be apologetic, and/or even following orders from some unnamed Master, but will still be assuming a dominant role within Trap Quest.

There are three different biological options which you must choose between:

  • Has a penis (body shape, breasts, and vagina all optional in the description but irrelevant in the game mechanics)
  • Fully female and armed with a dildo / strap-on
  • Fully female (does stuff like facesitting and fingering)

Character Generation

These are the things I need from you to add your NPC to the game:

  • Name (First name only)
  • Biology (As outlined above)
  • Gender & pronouns
  • Description of your appearance
  • Description of your unconscious body after it's been railed by the minotaur / Xavier
  • (Optional) image (if it's art I want permission from the owner)

Customise all the flavour

Check out this Word document https://drive.google.com/file/d/13epQQ4TZMSUO5Qd4mSUjwDMsDykJe93Q/view (plaintext file available here) with all the different default flavour your NPC will have. You can feel free to modify it and sent it back to me to get your own unique feel. Obviously I have final say in what's acceptable to go in the game and what is inappropriate. I think the Inform 7 syntax is pretty self-explanatory but if you need help, just get in touch. The best place is probably Discord - here's another reminder that we have a very active and friendly Discord community at https://discord.gg/shamegames

Character Upgrades

Your character starts off weak, with very low combat stats, low girth, and no special abilities. As long as you stay within the reward tier, each $50 you support at each pledge cycle gets you one upgrade credit. (That means if you want to, you could speed up your upgrades by increasing your pledge amount even more!)

These are the available upgrades:

  • Increase combat rating by 1 point (max 10 times) - 1 credit
  • Increase girth (unavailable if fully female) (max 8 times) - 1 credit
  • Increase semen load by 2 units (unavailable if fully female) (max 4 times) - 1 credit
  • Increase oral sexual stamina (max 4 times) - 1 credit
  • Increase titfuck sexual stamina (NPCs with a penis only) (max 4 times) - 1 credit
  • Increase anal & vaginal sexual stamina (max 4 times) - 2 credits
  • Lower the level at which your NPC finds the player's appearance lewd (max 5 times) - 1 credit
  • Increase reluctance against wearing a condom (NPCs with a penis only) (max 2 times) - 1 credit
  • Your NPC no longer falls asleep after sex (NPCs with a penis only) - 2 credits
  • Your NPC can get the player pregnant (NPCs with a penis only) - 2 credits
  • Your NPC can remove cursed plugs (and other sex toys) to access orifices - 2 credits
  • Your NPC is immune to magical effects that influence which body part they might choose for sex - 2 credits
  • Your NPC is immune to blindness effects - 1 credit
  • Your NPC can now fly (can assault the player while they are resting in a hammock) - 1 credit
  • The player can now attempt to dominate your NPC and obviously this comes with a chance of failure! - 5 credits (this is expensive because it will require me or MG to write a lot of new flavour)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask before pledging!


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