Trap Quest Release 9 Version 8.0

So let's talk about the headgear and class changes discussed below. Something I've been thinking about for a while is how several classes don't do what they should - reward the player for acting in a certain way and punish them for failing to. Furthermore the fact that you are encouraged to stay as a single class for entire game leads to further inventory bloating with useless items and also just less variety in your wardrobe in a single play-through.

The changes outlined below aim to address all these issues. You are no longer encouraged to spend an entire run-through as a single class (it's probably overall more rewarding to switch), but you're never forced to switch either. After removing a headgear you're no longer stuck with a bunch of cursed class items - in general they can be removed as soon as you've ditched the class.

Acting in a way that a class demands is another great way to earn rewards without fighting so I've tried to make sure that's true here, none of the quests are related to succeeding at combat, and where there are stat rewards they are generally dexterity or intelligence, not strength.

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Known Bugs

  • You can't select starting headgear option unless you have 6 points available (it still only costs 1).


  • Aika: [Lactation] A NPC created by top-tier patron Pressure-Envy, named 'Teagan', can appear. Her oral-based attack is forced breastfeeding. Profile art was drawn by OkiOppai (commissioned by Pressure-Envy).
  • Aika: A complete rework of the headgear class system.
    • Headgear cannot be blessed or cursed by any means other than their own quests.
    • Each headgear has a quest, outlined below. Unless otherwise specified, each quest does the following:
      • The first time it is succeeded the headgear becomes uncursed and the player gets a rather valuable ring.
      • The second time it is succeeded the headgear becomes blessed and the player gains back some dignity.
      • The following times it is succeeded the player loses all fatigue and has lower orifices significantly healed.
    • Removing a headgear causes it to disappear forever. It should never spawn again.
    • Many class clothing items no longer spawn cursed. Instead, they simply cannot be removed normally as long as their related headgear item remains worn.
    • There are very few ways to remove a headgear without completing the quest once. The knife in the hotel is the main reliable one.
    • Here's a comprehensive list of all the current quests that the headgear items have:
      • [Diapers] Baby Bonnet: requires you to hold it until you go automatically.
      • Bunny waitress ears: requires you to serve cocktail / champagne drinks to friendly NPCs, just as before. NPCs no longer pay with jewellery themselves - all the reward comes from the class itself.
        • New: If there's any chance that the drink is a cursed one, 50% chance of the NPC demanding that you share the drink with them.
        • New: After two successful servings, the ears become uncursed. The next ones bless the ears and begin to increase a hidden tracker. When the ears are removed, they disappear and bless a number of held drinking vessels equal to how many extra servings were made before they were removed.
      • [Egg laying] Latex bunny ears: now spawns by eating a fae mushroom in the Woods. It requires you to hold stuff in your belly until it comes out automatically.
      • Cat ears: requires you to lick up puddles of bodily fluids.
      • [Lactation] Cow ears: requires you to get milked. Instead of reducing fatigue and soreness, milking sessions number 3 and onwards give a 30 turn +3 dexterity boost.
      • Cultist veil: requires you to receive a significant hit to humiliation within a single turn. The 2nd one reduces delicateness instead of humiliation. Doesn't actually become uncursed or blessed, but will allow itself to be removed after the first time.
      • Cumdumpster hat: requires you to drink from those pinned used condoms. After two eats, the hat becomes uncursed. The next ones pless the hat and begin to increase a hidden tracker. When the hat is removed, it disappears and increases strength by one third of the condoms eaten.
      • Demon horns: no change - you still have to defeat the demoness who stole your soul.
      • [Female / TG] Flower hairclip: You can only choose to place value in your virginity if the flower hairclip can spawn, and when you do so, it spawns immediately. If you say 'no' to the question, you will get asked again at regular infrequent intervals, as long as you are not wearing headgear. You only get increased strength and dex over time if you chose the purity background (this bonus disappears if you ever lose your virginity). Either way you get a strength and dexterity bonus applied to you permanently when you finally decide to remove the flower hairclip, as long as you remove it before you lose your virginity (and this bonus stays even if you then go on to lose your virginity).
      • Fox ears: You now get a 50% chance of NPCs failing to notice you every turn as soon as you become the vixen. This increases to 75% if wearing the kimono. The fox ears quest requires you to steal clothing from the dungeon shop.
      • [Tentacles] Heart hairpin: Requires you to encounter a large tentacle monster for the first time or encounter a massive tentacle monster for the first time (including the turn where it grows). No further repeating reward after you've done each of these once.
      • [Pregnancy] Glittering rose: Requires you to get pregnant.
      • Black hood: Requires you to not purposefully wear new items or remove current ones, for an extended period of time. Every time you do, the hood re-curses itself. The hood prevents you from removing latex clothing. When you remove the hood, you gain dexterity for each other latex item worn.
      • [Watersports] White hood: Requires you to have people pee in your mouth. The rewards don't start coming until after the entire outfit has spawned. When the hood is removed, it disappears and increases dexterity equal to half the number of extra toilet sessions performed before it was removed. WC thigh high boots charge slower once you remove the hood.
      • Latex top hat: Requires you to have NPCs choose to fuck your breasts without you suggesting it.
      • [Pregnancy] Laurel wreath: Requires you to get pregnant. When you remove the wreath, you gain dexterity for each time you got pregnant while wearing it.
      • Maid headdress: Requires you to clean puddles, either with the pink cloth or with your tongue is acceptable, but unlike the cat eats, the puddle must be completely gone for the quest to progress. So licking up large puddles is inefficient.
      • Puppy ears: Requires you to kneel in front of angry human enemies without fighting them at all.
      • [Lactation] Royal circlet: Requires you to serve milk collected from your belly to friendly humans (just like a bunny waitress). If you expel the milk from your belly before the milk comes out on its own, you'll get punished.
      • Runic headband: Requires you to make guys cum in the dungeon altar room. After the first, future 'prayer' sessions spawn an array of useful items.
      • Blue scrunchie: Requires you to find new recipes in treasure chests. You'll also always be able to get one trigger of this quest by stepping into the Hotel Library.
      • Pink scrunchie: Requires you to greet intellingent NPCs until you get the 'bad' result where they turn unfriendly.
      • [Male only] Sissy bow: Requires you to offer anal sex to men. There's no major reward for this, only decursing and minor healing.
      • Tiara: Requires you to trigger the royal scepter "betrothal" subquest by sleeping with the same male enemy twice, or by having friendly sex. This will work even if your hands are full and therefore the scepter fails to spawn.
      • Vampiric fangs: Requires you to wait for the doom quest to fail and the elder god to spawn, or you can also complete the doom quest or kill the vampiress. Wearing the fangs causes doom to advance much faster.
      • [Egg Laying] Wasp Antennae: Requires you to bang some more wasps. Warning, if your wasp cloud gets too big, your wasp items can still become permanent and prevent you from ever changing class.
    • Starting headgear option now only costs 1 point and literally just spawns a random headgear in the pink wardrobe, for you to use or leave.
  • Aika: There's no longer humiliation and addiction requirements in order to request certain kinds of sex.
  • Aika: [TG Fetish] Fixed a bug where the hypno effect for the playing cards only worked on male players for one of the three different TG rules options.
  • Aika: New tattoos:
    • Guns & Roses lower back tattoo increases strength. Inspired by the magic pistol and any item with a floral theme.
    • [Interracial] [Male only] cuckold jack of spades crotch tattoo. Inspired by what you'd expect - interracial themed stuff and chastity cage.
    • [Female only] VIP pussy crotch tattoo reduces the chances of NPCs going for your pussy. Inspired by salve of concealment (including ones created with the incorrect recipe!)
    • [Female only] Respect the pussy crotch tattoo decreases delicateness by 2 as long as it (and therefore your vagina) is exposed.
    • Lesbian anilingus butt tattoo increases the chances of NPCs going for your mouth. Inspired by oral sex themed items.
  • Aika: Successfully deepthroating a cock while wearing a royal dress transforms it into the 'deepthroat princess' crop top.
  • Aika: [Roleplay fetish] You'll always be able to wear headgear you find at the start, even if it's super humiliating.
  • Aika: A few random new items:
    • Another white string monokini that covers nothing at all
    • Chequered skirt
    • Full zip skirt
    • A few new crop tops
    • Plaid skimpy romper
    • Latex hobble skirt
    • Assless latex fetish dress
    • Purple slitted evening dress
  • Aika: Reduced the chance of a defeated NPC dropping 0 jewellery but also reduced the chance of them dropping more than 1.
  • Aika: Added one sapphire ring and one emerald ring to the pink wardrobe, to give players going for a non-combat oriented strategy something to start working with.
  • Aika: When a cultist tries to wear a blessed clothing that they didn't know was blessed, the game now correctly marks the item as blessed (and moves time forward).
  • MG: Depending on whether lactation fetish is enabled, determined or topless gladiators can sometimes lactate on the floor
  • MG: Wenches will ocasionally drip semen on the floor while they're moving around the dungeon
  • MG: Tweaked sex doll names to better reflect fetish options.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where heels that transformed into shoes would keep the heel walking quest which was for obvious reasons now impossible to complete.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug with the condom pack where the cursed one could never be found - while the condom pack can always be safely crafted from the pink rubber, there should now be possibly one or more ingredients that create a cursed condom pack.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where some quests were visible even before the cursed item was worn.
  • MG: Fixed a bug where the Gargoyle could hold the player indefinitely.

Alpha testers:

  • MG: "Feminine NPC's only" option in the "Enable Specific Erotic Content" menu at the beginning of the game
    • Replaces all masculine monsters (royal guard, shopkeeper, etc.) with either futas or strapon-wearing women, depending on whether futanari content is also enabled
    • This change is cosmetic. Monsters that normally have penises will still ejaculate just like they normally do.
    • Guard, shopkeeper and mechanic have alternate images from Icarus (their profile only).
    • This is a work in progress! People who are using it - please let us know where there are mistakes and things that don't work as you'd like.
  • Aika: Fixed a bug where bullying students could produce unique insertables like The Master (from the mindflayer).
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