April Fools 2019 secret changelist

  • In the future this stuff will be selectable under a new handicap option: 'Clumsy'. But for this version, it's mandatory and comes with some girly giggling whenever something happens.
    • When you try to jump off of a dildo pole, you always fail the first time.
    • If you're holding the pack of playing cards when you enter the inspiration room in the hotel, you'll accidentally give yourself a bad tattoo, if able.
    • You're more likely to spill drinks and break the pink spraybottle when you trip. When you spill a champagne or cocktail glass, you'll be able to get the punishment bondage even if you're not a bunny waitress.
    • You can fall into the dungeon lever, accidentally releasing the minotaur.
    • You can fall down the hole in the woods.