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Clothing - Bondage - Ankle Bond - Common

A pair of medieval looking anklecuffs. While worn, this item impairs the player's movement, combat, and ability to wear or remove some items of clothing. If the player ever ends up in these, it is wise to remove them as soon as possible as they can make it extremely difficult to stand up to all but the weakest monsters.


  • A pair of metal, medieval looking anklecuffs.

Ways of Obtaining

  • May materialize locked on player when any of following criteria are met:
    • Player has chosen the "Trapped in Bondage" fetish in the pregame menu
    • If player is defeated by a guard after stealing from the shop or while wearing a cursed pair of latex plug panties
      • If the player is already wearing handcuffs, the guard will always give them anklecuffs
    • If the player is fighting the Witch whilst standing and they are already wearing a ballgag, a corset, and high heels.
    • Can be spawned by the stage.



  • While the anklecuffs used to be the only item of their kind, similar items have since been added to the game. See Ankle Bond.

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