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Humiliation is possibly the least important of the player's bimbo stats, as it doesn't actually impact on bimbo or other stats directly. Instead, all humiliation does is make it possible for the player to start being aroused by what's happening to them in the game, and if you get to maximum humiliation, then you are severely punished by becoming 'broken', which means that you can never resist against NPCs in any way when on your knees. Humiliation is not gained 1 point at a time, unlike most stats. Instead, a variety of factors including the player's clothing, physical appearance, and actions will cause various levels of humiliation. Humiliation drops slowly each turn if the player isn't doing anything else.

Phrase Meanings

The phrase in the status bar corresponds to the following values:

  • Proud: 0 to 8k
  • Composed: 8k to 16k
  • Embarrassed: 16k to 24k
  • Shameless: 24k to 32k
  • Fully broken: 32k and up


Below is a nearly exhaustive list of everything in the game that uses the Humiliation of the player in its calculations.

  • If the player has low humiliation, they will refuse to wear some clothing that they perceive to be outrageous and not at all useful for winning the game.
  • If the player is Fully Broken, acts that would further increase their humiliation instead contribute to arousal.
  • If the player has over 50% humiliation, they will sometimes be aroused when intelligent NPCs spot them.
  • If the player is Fully Broken and they are kneeling in the same room as an intelligent NPC, they will automatically present themselves for use.
  • The flower hairclip can only spawn once the player has accumulated at least 8500 humiliation(composed level).
  • The cat ears can only spawn if the player has accumulated at least 28000 humiliation(shameless level).


Below is a nearly exhaustive list of the ways that your raw humiliation score can be increased or decreased. In general, humiliation is caused by things you have voluntarily done, e.g. wear submissive clothing or submit to sex.

  • If the player ever reaches the "Fully broken" level, humiliation can no longer decrease.
  • When an NPC notices you, humiliation is increased based on the most humiliating piece of clothing you are wearing (assuming you are wearing anything that the player is unhappy with).
    • You can also be humiliated by being naked, having your breasts exposed, having your genitals exposed, having semen on your face, or having semen on your breasts
  • Performing voluntary submissive actions (e.g. 'submit' when being screwed, 'offer [orifice]' upon losing fight) increases humiliation.
  • Urinating anywhere except in a toilet, a body of water, or a diaper increases humiliation.
  • Getting urinated on increases humiliation.
    • Choosing to drink or store some of the urine for later doubles this increase.
  • Voluntary swallowing semen after giving a blowjob increases humiliation and semen addiction
  • Shameful (involuntary) orgasms increase humiliation.
  • Urinating in a cup or another open topped vessel increases humiliation
  • Using the fuck skill decreases humiliation
  • Drinking a potion of virility decreases humiliation
    • Drinking a potion of virility from a cursed vessel does the opposite
    • Drinking a potion of virility from a blessed vessel decreases it further
  • Wearing a Gown of Purity passively reduces humiliation gain
    • If the gown has a negative modifier, it does the opposite


Each piece has an associated "outrage level" that affects how humiliated the player feels when they are seen in it. This level can vary, e.g. all clothing is more humiliating when soiled with bodily fluids, and males right at the beginning of the game find essentially all clothing a couple of levels more humiliating than usual.