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Fatigue is one of the physical health stats of the player. Fatigue slowly rises each turn the player spends on their feet and can be reduced by resting. If the player becomes too tired they buckle to their knees, rendering them essentially defenseless against [monsters].

Phrase Meanings

The phrase in the status bar corresponds to the following values:

  • No text: ? to ?
  • Tired: ? to ?
  • Very tired: ? to ?
  • Extremely Tired: ? to ?
  • Exhausted: ? to ?
  • Completely Exhausted: ? to ?


Below is a nearly exhaustive list of everything in the game that uses the Fatigue of the player in its calculations.

  • The point at which the player falls to their knees and is unable to stand up
    • The "Buckle point" is also affected by the player's strength
    • Also affected by the player's body soreness.
  • When standing up, fatigue and a number of other stats are added together and pitted against the player's Strength
    • This is (probably) affected by Strength again. (formula?)
  • Fainting during the Wench victory rape.

Permanent Modifiers

Below is a nearly exhaustive list of the ways that your raw Fatigue score can be permanently increased or decreased.

  • Spending a "turn" standing increases Fatigue.
    • The increase is based on Weight.
  • Spending a "turn" kneeling decreases Fatigue. (formula)
    • Decreases less while moving. (not sure)
  • Resting decreases fatigue by ? every turn
    • Having ? cup or greater breasts will increase the rate of fatigue loss by ?
    • Decreases more while resting on furniture.
  • Fatigue is reset to 0 when **sleep**ing in the royal bed.
  • Wearing a Nightie makes the player gain fatigue faster.