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Weight is one of the body stats of the player. As the name implies it tracks the weight of the character by adding the effective values of the player's other stats. It adds up the values of effective Breast Size, Belly Size and Hip Size. Keeping the weight low overall is beneficial to reduce resting time and thus making yourself less vulnerable.

Fitness is closely related to the Weight gain fetish

Phrase Meanings

Weight isn't directly shown in the interface, because it is calculated with multiple stats.


Below is a nearly exhaustive list of everything in the game that uses the Weight of the player in its calculations.

  • Weight mainly influences fatigue gain (formula?). A heavy character will quickly buckle down without a lot of Strength.
  • Weight also stacks the odds against a player trying to escape dildo traps.
  • Weight also reduces the chances of successfully escaping a hook trap
  • When trying to stand up the character needs enough strength to lift off his/her weight off the ground (formula?).
    • If a character fails this check a really heavy character with too little Strength will faint (formula).
      • This is to prevent the player having to wait until their character dies from thirst or faints otherwise.
      • There actually is a "faint" command but the player may not know about it. The player also may not know himself at which exact point their "death" is inevitable as well.
  • Weight influences the chance of getting caught by the tentacle monster when washing in the lake
  • Weight increases the chance of getting caught by the slimegirl if she decides to live inside you.
  • Weight reduces the chances of the wench successfully rolling you over once she has you on your knees


Below is a nearly exhaustive list of everything in the game that can permanently increase or decrease the player's Weight value.

  • Body fat
  • Breast volume
    • Note that breast volume is not the same as breast size, and that the contribution to weight depends on what makes up that volume
    • Air volume reduces weight
    • Flesh volume increases weight
    • Milk volume increases weight
    • Silicon volume increases weight half as much as flesh.
    • Wearing the rubber dress reduces breast weight depending on BUC
    • Bras reduce breast weight by their support amount
      • The chastity bra increases breast weight since its support value is negative
  • Belly size
    • Since belly size is a composite stat, all the stats contributing to it contribute to weight as well.
    • Semen volume increases weight
    • Air volume reduces weight
    • Milk volume increases weight
    • Urine volume increases weight
    • Egg "volume" increases weight, how much depends on the size of the eggs
    • the slimegirl increases weight if she is inside the player
  • Hip size
    • As with belly size and breast volume, the hips can "contain" different materials that contribute differently to weight
    • Flesh volume increases weight
    • Air volume reduces weight
  • Items held in the inventory
    • Drinking vessels increase weight by the number of doses inside them.(i.e. cans increase weight by 1, and a full novelty mug increases weight by 3)
    • Metal items weigh more than normal
    • Illegal "items" (such as npc's) weigh nothing
  • Worn clothing
    • Metal clothing weighs more than normal clothing
    • Clothing has 20% the weight it would have it were merely carried in the inventory
    • Every unit of clothing soak increases weight
  • Latex Sex doll transformation
    • Reaching stage 2 of the transformation reduces weight by a fixed amount and introduces an upper limit on how much the player can weigh.