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The player can become the succubus by having their soul taken by the demoness. The gladiator or the demon lord can complete the ritual.

Obtaining the Class

Losing to the demoness when the priestess or a female who has placed value in their virginity, causes the demoness to take the player's soul. The soul can be recovered by killing the demoness.

You must then lose a fight (or submit to) the gladiator or the demon lord, and they will perform a ritual on you to turn you into the succubus.


  • Trying to take the sword of purity fails.
  • Birthing the demon lord's baby reduces humiliation by 6000.
  • You will automatically kneel in front of the demon lord.
  • Each turn of sex with the demon lord reduces humiliation by 800.

Removing the Class

The succubus class can be removed by taking off the Soulstone item. It is normally not removable, but becomes removable after the player has gone a very long time without eating any souls. It is also removable through special means like the wishing well in the woods.

Note that removing the succubus class will not restore the player's soul at all. The only way to do that is to obtain a soulstone and have it applied with some help from the Witch.