Wasp Antennae

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Clothing - Headgear - Unique

A pair of black antenna that can materialize onto the player when they witness a wasp fertilizing an egg. Initially this item is a headband, but as the player upgrades their Broodmother class, this item will permanently attach to the player's head.


  • A pair of bobbing yellow and black antennae. You're pretty sure they're just on a headband.
  • You have a headband with a pair of yellow and black antennae bobbing on your head.
  • A pair of black antennae. They twitch to and fro, and seem to protrude directly from your head!
  • You have a pair of twitching black antennae coming out of your head.

Ways of Obtaining

  • May materialize onto the player cursed when following criteria are met:
    • Player is not wearing headgear already
    • A Giant Wasp is fertilizing a nearby egg



  • Periodically attempts to summon the Striped Top or the black and yellow Stockings
  • If the player's total wasp swarm exceeds 50 (see broodmother) the wasp antennae will fuse with the player, preventing them from being removed
  • Once the player's antennae fuse, the player will take extra damage from attacks that hit the player's face


The wasp antennae's quest is the wasp sex quest. It requires the player to let a giant wasp have sex with them.

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The wasp antennae were coded by Phaos.