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The Witch is a monster found in the Witch's Shack, which is a room in the Woods Area. Normally she is not aggressive, but if the player uses the woods altar without paying her first, or if they attack her, they will draw her ire. The witch will spawn items onto the player, and once she has them kneeling, she'll summon vines into the room to fuck the player. Watch out, her difficulty level is similar to a boss!

Difficulty Rating





  1. Expensive Jewelry


The witch will do the following attacks in order. If she cannot perform an attack for whatever reason(that is to say, if a certain slot is blocked), she will skip it and move on to the next step. She will usually perform step 1, but not if you attack her very soon after your last fight.

  1. Summons a random monster.
    1. If she summons a demoness she will chant in an infernal language
    2. If she summons a mannequin, she will whistle
    3. If she summons a fairy, she will whisper into her hands
    4. If she summons a wasp, she will whisper arcane words
  2. Spawn high heels of posture training onto the player
  3. Spawn a ballgag onto the player
  4. Spawn a corset of posture training onto the player
  5. Spawn Anklecuffs onto the player.
  6. Attempt to trip the player over(she can do this on any turn that she does not spawn an item; progressively higher chance as the player is wearing more items)
  7. Do nothing.(she can do this on any turn as long as the player is wearing a ballgag or anklecuffs.; low chance)

Actions upon victory

The witch does not rape the player herself, summoning Vines to do the work instead.

  1. Summons Vines into the room.

Ways to make unfriendly

  1. Place jewelry on the Woods Altar without paying her first
  2. Attack

Ways to make friendly

  1. The witch will be friendly as long as the above conditions are met.
  2. Get her help in removing the latex curse

Assistance in combat

If the witch finds the player kneeling and she is aggressive, she will always summon vines into the room if there are none. Otherwise she will do nothing.


Yes, once only. She will increase the BUC status of several of the player's items, including ones she put on the player herself.




Taking out the witch is not too difficult. Actually she is not summoning monsters, she is teleporting them into the battle. Main idea is to kill other monsters in the woods to prevent appearance of them in the battle. Without assist of other monsters she is an easy prey. The player can also bring Barbara in the battle. However, the player should consider outcome of an assault. The witch gives quest to clear a doom and can provide cure against latex curse. Only if the witch outlived usefulness it's advisable to take her out.

The Witch's quest

If the player transforms into a sex doll, they can go to the witch with an egg and fae mushroom to return to human. Completion of the quest also lets you use her altar for free.

Doom quest

After visiting the Mansion and meeting any cultist the player receives a doom warning. After that the witch assigns a quest to the character to collect Certain items and perform a ritual on the hidden altar. Outcome of failure is not yet known.