Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are you working on right now? What is currently planned for the game? Where does all the money go? What the hell takes you so long to develop this game?
A. I have a job, a partner, a social life, and a competitive video gaming team.  It's a miracle I have any spare time to develop this game!  I currently make sacrifices in some of the above to accommodate my desire to keep going with this project. Detailed answers for all these questions can be found in the Development Plan.
Q. Is there an interpreter for my phone / tablet / browser?
A. No, there are currently no Android or iOS or web based interpreters that can handle complex glulxe games like this. Somebody did get a text-only version working on Android, but it's complicated to set up: 
Q. How do I access the donators features?
A. Assuming you are a $5 patron, go here: Assuming you are a $20 patron, go here: If you're a donator from ages ago, email me. To see what donations get what rewards, go here: 
Q. I used the donators unlock file but undo is still disabled.
A. Make sure the unlock file is in the same folder as the main game file. Also, the game only checks the donators file when you start a new game. To update the file in the middle of a playthrough, type 'update donators file'. 
Q. Is XYZ only for patrons?
A. No, once it is completed it will become available to everybody. The only things that are completely restricted to patrons are essentially cheats, i.e. undo and debug commands. 
Q. The game seems to be running very slowly.
A.If you're not using Windows Git, try Windows Git. If you are, and you're using the Danaume character window, try disabling the character stat wheels. If you already have, try saving the game, closing the program, re-opening it and then loading your save by using 'Quick Start' and then typing 'restore'. 
Q. I think the game needs way more focus on X and less time spent on Y.
A. That's cool, but others disagree, including myself.  Feel free to make your own game which focuses on X, Inform is a pretty easy platform to learn.
Q. I think the game needs way more focus on the flavour and descriptions of sex and less time spent on the gameplay mechanics.
The mission statement of this game is to have interesting gameplay and lots of randomised outcomes which will give the game replayability.  I understand you guys love the flavour, but my main issue with lots of other adult text based games is that there was not enough time spent on designing a good gameplay system or considering replayability, and you're left with some (very hot) cutscenes that get boring after you've read each one twice.  And then there's nothing else to do but grind.
Q. Are you going to put pictures in for X body part in the porn version?
A. Yes, probably, eventually. This is super low priority because of the drawn versions. Feel free to send me images you think should be in the game! Especially images of (non-hairy) male backsides.
Q. You never responded to my email!  Not cool.
A. I do apologise I am absolutely awful at meaning to reply to emails and forgetting about it.  I'm slowly getting better but am still not perfect.  Feel free to poke me after a few days if I've failed to get back to you.  Either that or you probably sent me a donation without giving me your contact details, and I have no way to get in contact with you.
Q. You should include these specific cheat commands so that those of us who want to turn the game into a sandbox game can.
A. No.  There are loads of adult sandbox games out there, the brilliant writing in which makes the flavour in mine feel like pornography grade acting.  There are no adult text based games I know of with a focus on a genuine challenge with a "losing is fun" mentality, and I will continue to resist any and all attempts to change the style of gameplay away from that.  We here at Nintendolls demand that you play the game by our rules or not at all! The closest you'll get to being able to turn the game into a sandbox is if you access the debug commands through becoming a top level patron on Patreon.
Q. What happened to the load game feature?

A. It was bugging for lots of people so I removed it.  To load the game, use the "quick start" option then type "restore".

Q. Why can't I massage my breasts any more?
A. It was a skill you learned from the gladiator which was changed to titfuck, and then to big breasted combat.  It may return in the future, who knows. 
Q. I'm a donator who's used the unlock file, why can't I find the option to use the Keriax window?
A. Make sure you're using the drawn version of the game, not the porn version. 
Q. Will you be adding X to the porn window?
A. No, not unless someone else finds all the photos for me. 
Q. Why does the game freeze at "press enter to continue"?
A. Because you are using Gargoyle as your interpreter and you didn't set Text Delay to Instant.