Trap Quest's Inspiration and Early Days

I don't know how many of you suspected or realised this, but the inspiration for Trap Quest came from a realtively well known hentai manga, at least if you hang out on the right threads on /d/.

Prina the Dungeoneering Princess was made by a hentai artist called Rebis. It was the first few pages that really got my attention, before it swiftly turned into a standard futamonster-on-futa hentai. I like to think that Rebis hadn't planned for that to happen, and that it only did because he couldn't think of many other hot ideas for traps (something that I struggle with too).

The concept of that first volume was awesome, and over time my desire for more of that increased, and so I decided to make TQ. The original plan was a simple game where you had to try and avoid traps and find the key item in a region to advance to the next region. The key items were all items of slutty clothing you had to wear, and there were no other clothing items. Traps were randomised but the map was not. Monsters hadn't been designed yet, and I had not yet thought up the combat system where you're trying to stay on your two feet.

Early fans on TFGamesSite liked the concept so much that I was encouraged to continue and change the mission statement a bit, to work on map randomisation, images, and slowly introduce all the features you see today. And aren't we all glad that they did!

I also have to thank Narse for the huge amount of support he gave me early on (and still does), when I was still very much learning i7 from scratch. Without him I would never have gotten this far without giving up (and probably throwing my PC out the window in frustration).

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