Trap Quest Release 6 Version 4.1 Changelist

I've spent a bit of time testing this one but as usual I'm sorry if there are any gamebreaking bugs I've missed.

EDIT: Trying to wear an accessory you're already wearing can result in a game crash. Will be fixed for 4.2, but please try to avoid doing this for now!

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  • Fixed the issues with cleaning oneself of semen (and actually checked it's working this time).
  • The ass hook trap is back in the game. You need to pull down on it in order to perform the dexterity check to get it out of your ass. If you have quite low dexterity (less than 7) you won't be able to get a grip on the ass hook and will eventually faint when your fatigue gets too high. A scene with Barbara is possible when you wait in this situation if you have already met her and she is currently flagged as somewhere in the Dungeon.
  • Uncursing something worn on the dungeon altar gives you the opportunity to remove it immediately (this is necessary for some items that will under certain conditions try to curse themselves nearly every single turn).
  • The higher levels of the three main stats have been scaled down to be less overpowered. This is just numbers behind the scenes, but the effect should be that you find the game a bit less stupidly easy if you get ahead early.
  • I've made a first attempt at defining when an item of clothing is concealed underneath the other items you're wearing. When an item is fully concealed, it does not humiliate you.
  • I've tweaked the humiliation values of some clothing so that the starting male is not completely objecting to wearing something as basic as a T-shirt with a humiliating phrase on it.
  • There is no longer an inventory limit.
    • Every time you change rooms by walking, you gain fatigue based on the combined weight of all items you are carrying.
      • Most items have 1 unit of weight. Some have slightly more, e.g. liquid vessels have weight equal to the number of doses. Necklaces and bracelets are also heavy.
      • Worn items count as having 20% of the weight of items held in your hands (hardly any at all).
      • You can examine yourself to get a vague idea of the weight of your inventory.
    • Standing in heels is double as tiring as standing normally.
    • The motivations behind these changes are that strength was already important enough and in this way strength is still relevant to inventory but in a lot less of a restrictive way. Also now you never get frustrated by trying to wear something but being told you don't have room in your held inventory (even though it's not going there).
    • YOU WILL LIKELY FIND YOURSELF GETTING TIRED MORE OFTEN WITH THESE CHANGES. That is intentional, deciding where to stop and rest is an important strategy element.
    • You should have less chance of just getting tired and falling over in a fight because of your weight; but obviously kicking increases fatigue so is another story.
  • The game no longer attempts to re-use items that have already been spawned. This was to prevent annoying errors, but has some side effects I'm happy with:
    • You can uncurse and remove some items that keep spawning until they run out, and then no more will spawn.
      • The number you need to burn through before they stop spawning varies. For example: for headgear it's 1, for most cuffs it's 1, but for chastity cage it's 3.
    • In order to allow you to become a class repeatedly, headgear can now be worn again once it has been removed / purloined.
      • Yes, this means you can easily try out all the classes now with the purloin debug command. Just remember at some point in the future this command will be disabled.
      • However to avoid too much instant removal / replacement when convenient (e.g. only putting on a princess outfit when interacting with a royal guard), headgear will curse itself when you re-wear it again.
  • The items that you encounter in your first containers are now fully randomised, rather than being fixed to certain items (you may have noticed a lot of leotards and fishnet dresses at the start).
  • However some (very few) items are now classified as "rare", which means they only very rarely spawn from treasure chests.
    • These items are ones that are considered to be overwhelmingly positive to wear.
    • The likelihood of finding one starts off extremely low (0.3% for each chest) but becomes higher as your earnings decrease (20% for each chest when you are almost bankrupt). However the chance becomes 0% once you are fully bankrupt.
  • Your first few treasure chests will not spawn recipes.
  • Several new clothing items have been added. For some of these items, the theme is that they are slightly (but only slightly) less ridiculous than most other items of their slot, but rarely have any interesting effects. For the players that are trying to retain at least some level of dignity. For example, a clubbing dress.
  • New rare trap in the woods can spawn a crotch rope or a pair of pouch panties on you, depending on gender. Only ever triggers once.
  • Catgirl class outfit (see blog post)
  • Milking harness no longer counts as blocking crotch (except the plug in the ass, obviously)
  • Orifice soreness now recovers more quickly.
  • The royal guard now defends players who have had his baby in combat.
  • Fixed a bug where the slimegirl would not exit you back into the pool when she wanted to, if you had no semen to wash away.
  • Removed a feature where the more thirsty you are, the less chance that your bladder would fill when you drink / consume liquids.
    • Also removed a feature where worn diapers would sometimes double bladder increases.
  • Fixed an issue where shopkeeper could have sex with the player's vagina through asshole exposing clothing.
  • Fixed an issue where you could wear clothing with plugs regardless of usual wearing rules by using the plug verb instead.
  • Headgear now probably restricts / permits hair colour darkening.
  • Drinks containers now drop on the floor when you faint.
  • Fixed a bug where the existing potential fathers weren't wiped upon birth.
  • Fixed a bug where the map was not updating when the player was involuntarily moved rooms.
  • Fixed a bug where some fainting reasons were still causing stat penalties.
  • The number of tanks in the dungeon is now fixed at 4 per iteration rather than each room simply having a 1 in 7 chance.
  • Barbara now gets more slutty every time you meet her and talk to her (this is a temporary feature until there are more ways for her to transform)
  • The aeromancer should no longer be able to just ignore plugs.
  • Fixed a major bug that was accidentally introduced last version, where the weight of the player was always 0.
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