I'm Back!

I'm back from a few day's break and I'm working on the game again. Right now I'm completely restructuring the monster attack code so that they all use the same core algorithm rather than having each monster coded completely separately. Hopefully it'll eliminate many bugs with regards to certain monsters ignoring plugs / layers of clothing, and also it'll be so much easier to make new monsters in the future.

Also, I made a BSDMLR which is a new site which is like tumblr but is 100% fetish porn rather than just 90%. Join in the fun and follow me!

EDIT: I see external links still aren't working, I should probably fix that. Either right click and open a new tab or copy and paste this: aika092.bdsmlr.com

Most of what I post will just be my favourite porn, but I also plan on making a series called The Biggest Slut, which will be little mini-stories about gameshows / competitions where girls are competing to degrade themselves more than all the other girls in order to win prizes.

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