Fainting and The Pink Pill

Let's talk about game balance for a bit. Many of you will be very aware by now that the "extra lives" mechanic provided through fainting doesn't work well because by the time you've fainted once, you're doing too badly to recover. So that needs clear improvement, and now. Because the game is HARD if it's not improved now, I'll start to lose fans! :-p

This is how I feel fainting SHOULD work:

  • It should give you another chance to actually get going.
  • It should provide continuity, so that players who were quite happy with their situation don't get annoyed / bonerkilled.
  • It should not become a hugely deep element of strategy where everyone is always thinking "should I manually faint now?"
  • It should not be so beneficial that players start seeking out fainting early in order to buff their character.

I have come up with an idea which I think works okay. I am sure that we will have to go through several iterations to find out what is overpowered and what is balanced but this will do as a starter for ten.

When you faint, your three basic stats, if lower than their original values (including bonus points spent), return to their original values.

Furthermore, at the start of the game and after each faint, the pink pill appears back in your inventory, if you didn't have it there already.

The pink pill can be consumed assuming your mouth isn't gagged or penetrated, and acts as a get out of jail free card. You are teleported back to the princess's chambers and this can even be used to escape a monster whilst you're in the middle of sex (assuming you have control of your hands). It has no weight value.

Anyway yeah I'm back in business! Mainly working on hotel stuff but will also be addressing bug fixes and adding more flavour from contributors.

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