Trap Quest Release 6 Version 4.9

This version's delay was brought to you by Rocket League and Kushiel's Dart, which are both incredible and very difficult to put down. Apologies.

Anyway, to fix the image problem I've had to do two things. Firstly, I've had to split the porn character window images and drawn character window images into two separate versions of the game. Secondly, I've had to reduce the size of the character window images again, but this should have also reduced lag.

So, since the game is now split into two versions, and will be for the foreseeable future, to prevent the headache of trying to keep non-donators from gaining access to one of the two files, instead I'm just going to release the drawn character window early. It is still incomplete, most notably missing hair (there's only two versions, short and medium length and they are both brown) and the larger half of breasts. Anyone reporting that the character window is incomplete will recieve a slap over the internet.

Finally, instead of providing a new MEGA link each time, I'm just going to link to the same folder, which will contain all new versions. The file with a "P" at the end is the porn version, and the file with the "D" at the end is the drawn version.

The link is:!ggwRkDZL!vcn5t9xZQudStI0hjir5kw

Anyway, here is the changelist:

  • Split the game into two versions, one with drawn art and one with the porn images.
    • Removed a feature that allowed players to have body images appear in-line rather than in a separate frame.
  • Fixed a bug where you could still ask unfriendly monsters questions, and they would usually answer as if they were friendly.
  • Fixed a bug where a wench would not actually run away scared if she encountered you in the middle of combat / sex.
  • Changed a feature with the natural submissive option, you now don't first become horny for around 8 in-game minutes.
  • Fixed a bug where an ally dealing lethal damage to a fairy in the same turn that the player's attack is successfully dodged could result in the fairy disappearing with no notification and no rewards.
  • Fixed a bug where the shopkeeper would never climax during oral sex if you always resisted.
  • Fixed a bug where fainting in the Vine Boss's lair caused a crash.
  • Danaume's Character Window: Hips added. Max size hips looks pretty unreal on the tiny waist of the model, but it would look unreal in real life too!

Hotel Stuff:

  • Nothing this time, busy fixing major issues!
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