Actual Progress Update

Hi all,

There has been progress in the last couple of weeks, it just hasn't all gone in the direction originally planned so there's no stable release because I haven't gotten around to bug fixes yet.

The matron/dominatrix NPC is now complete-ish, but is still buggy - I was a bit too ambitious with one of her attack sequences and it got a bit out of hand, and is now causing me loads of headaches trying to sort out.

Anyway, soon I will make a blog post about her so you'll find out all the juicy details then.

That's not the only thing I've done at all, but the other stuff I have done is either hush-hush for now or too small individually to bother mentioning.

I'm going to aim to have a public release of the hotel region in time for Christmas. But I am also aware that everything takes longer than planned so please don't kill me if that doesn't happen.

As always thanks for all your kind words of support!

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