Hotel Content Update #7

This update covers the final core NPC of the hotel region, the mechanic. A bog standard ordinary looking adult human male character who happens to be an unparalleled genius at robotics and cybernetic enhancements.

The mechanic is the most difficult enemy of the region to defeat in combat, his wrench attack is very hard to dodge and he has high amounts of damage reduction.

He becomes unfriendly if he sees you attacking a robot, if your bimbo meter is too high, or if you are on your knees at the moment he notices you.

The first thing he will always do after defeating you, is put a collar around your neck. This collar is completely unremovable even if uncursed, and prevents you from speaking. The mechanic tells you that he will only remove the collar if you retrieve the mystical amulet for him.

After returning to him with the amulet from the dungeon, with or without a belly full of minotaur spunk, you can give the amulet to him to be freed from the collar. Currently this just completes the quest but as soon as I have the time to develop it, I plan for there to be a couple of random outcomes to him acquiring and wearing the amulet.

One will cause him to further reward the player with bonus stats, and one will cause him to become possessed by the amulet and transform into a demon lord who is very difficult to defeat (think Minotaur 2.0 in terms of damage and sexual appetite).

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