Release 7 Version 2.1, and a chance to write for TQ!

Nowhere near as big as the previous update but still a pretty big one.

The main things I got from the previous poll is that nearly 50% of you enjoy diaper content (I would have guessed between 10% - 20% so that's really interesting) and epilogue content shouldn't take up too much of my time. So, (45% of) you will be glad to hear there's loads of new diaper fetish content, and also all of you will be glad to hear that I'm going to be delegating a lot of the epilogue writing to guest writers (i.e. contributors), and we'll see how that goes, it could be the best thing to happen to TQ or the massive variation in the qualities of epilogues could make it a disaster. Only time will tell.

Anyway, if you're interested in helping write for Trap Quest, throw an email towards [email protected]. The following are key requirements:

  • Fluent English, including ability to spell(check).
  • Some basic understanding of coding & Git (collaboration software) and willingness to learn the basics of Inform7.
  • Understanding that anything you write will require an Aika seal of approval in order to make it into the game, so you could write something that gets turned down.

If you do have something make it in, then you will get:

  • Access to new stuff as if you were currently a $20 patron (but not permanent access into the future).
  • Your writing in Trap Quest omg hi mom I'm on TV!
    • As of right now the plan is that at the end of the epilogue, it'll say "written by [your name here]".

Also if I get flooded with way too many requests of people looking to help out, I will start a waiting list of sorts, and slowly let people try over time, so that I don't spend literally all my time managing and reviewing epilogue content.

MEGA mirrors for both versions:

Porn version & Drawn Version


  • Taking the gladiator below 50% HP turns her into an angry, sex hungry futanari.

    • Yes, you read that right. It's impossible to turn her back, and from then on all she'll be interested in is revenge, through sex.
    • In the future there'll probably be a side quest to turn her back, for a reward.
    • As a side effect, the gladiator no longer one hit KOs you if you attack her when at max breast size.
    • As a balancing mechanic (or for those that hate futa), the gladiator takes a lot longer to regain interest in you after forcing your head into pink smoke. So, if you don't want to make her angry, just kneel and let her do her normal thing, and then it'll be a while before she bothers you again.
    • Also, the gladiator will not transform if you have "flat chested until sex change" enabled or have spend points so that the max breast size is flat chested - these options will remain the 'trap' options which have no futanari characters.
  • Adult baby class (check wiki for more info)

  • Added female names Kimberly and Adrianna

  • The witch now gives you one altar use per unit of bodily fluid you give her, and accepts mixtures.

  • Semen addiction doesn't kick in until a bit higher in the semen addiction tree (up to 15 from 11), so you can give a lot more blowjobs before you have gone too far.

  • Stockings can be stumbling now instead of constriction which didn't make much sense.

  • Chastity cage is now flagged as a sissifying item.

  • Absorption clothing now fully cleans itself rather than slowly, 1 unit at a time.

  • Formalised mechanics for not having manual dexterity (e.g. uncursed fake nails) or not being unable to use hands at all (cursed fake nails, handcuffs, sex doll transformation); this should now be consistent.

    • Side effects of this: handcuffed players will not be able to masturbate and will have a much tougher time drinking.
    • Another side effect: cans cannot be drunk when standing without being picked up first.
  • The PC now realises overdresses are cursed immediately upon wearing (as opposed to you only noticing when you check your inventory!).

  • If wearing a chastity belt, the player can't give birth but also won't get contractions.

  • Intelligent NPCs now replace plugs & gags after they're done with you.

  • Fixed a bug where the patron would always say he was leaving an extra gem even when he wasn't.

  • Fixed a bug where the player automatically trying to eat candy from a container would fail.

  • Fixed the inconsistency between hair length description and Danaume character window hair lengths. Side effect is that there's the same image for the first three hair levels.

  • Corrected the witch talking about jewels when curing the sex doll curse.

  • Fixed a minor bug where the game would sometimes refer to monsters not in the room when explaining why the player was unable to wear clothing.

  • Fixed a bug where diapers were allegedly reparing themselves when they weren't even ripped!

  • Fixed a bug where the vines would ignore insertables.

  • Fixed a bug where the butt slut & pussy slut effect were only blocking the other lower orifice, not the mouth.

  • Fixed a bug where the sword of purity wasn't properly applying the pussy slut effect.

  • Fixed a bug where the player running out of time still caused the 'doomed' title and made prize money always 0.

  • Fixed a bug where recipes would not spawn from chests for the first 5100 seconds rather than the first 100 seconds.

  • Fixed a bug where a few new items that should have been fluid immune were not.

  • Fixed a bug with the matron where if you wet your diaper in the middle of a spanking or feeding scene, it would suddenly turn into a changing scene.

  • Fixed a bug with the matron where she would rip off chastity cages.

  • Fixed a bug where eating a mushroom when tied to some bonddage with the dominatrix essentially just made the entire scene teleport with you.

  • Fixed a bug where the latex bodysuit wasn't preventing neckwear from being worn.

  • Fixed a bug where the player could not unwield weapons.

  • Fixed a bug where the blue minimalist swimsuit counted as exposing nipples.

  • Fixed a bug where low semen addiction could result in a "You are too horny to offer a blowjob" message.

  • Fixed a bug where after the first faint, the player could find the minotaur horn in a container.

  • MG's contributions:

    • Changed Wench description to mention whether or not she has stolen panties.
      • Clothing stolen by the wench is now used (dirtied) by the wench.
    • Added new descriptions for RoboButler, RoboBellboy, and Mechanic, and a player comment at the end of the description for the dominatrix.
    • Added new greetings for mechanic, demoness, slutty sisters, dominatrix and matron
    • Added new description for condom of kings.
    • Added new sex scenes and flavour text for aeremancer; most notably in the woods
    • Updated fairy's answers to questions for release 7.
  • A few flavour enhancements by Lucas, notably some new potential titles for posters from the camera trap.

Patreon Patrons Only Stuff:

  • Keriax character window now has different arm poses, depending on sluttiness and situation.
  • Keriax character window now has breast images (and accompanying cum layers) for size 16 and 17 natural breasts and fake/inflated breasts. These are so big that they are partially off-screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the transformation reversal options menu would glitch if you tried to go below a removed row.
  • The gameshow epilogue now has a non-diaper scene for females only for round 2.
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