Release 7 Version 2.2

This is so quick because I needed to fix some major bugs.

MEGA mirrors: Drawn Version and Porn Version.



  • You can now remove and put on some diapers (i.e. ones that aren't pullup) through ripped / unzipped clothing.
  • When you become aroused, you won't cool down for at least 20 turns.


  • Fixed a bug where vagina was getting ruined instead of asshole in some sex scenes.
  • Fixed a bug where whether the newbie tips appears was based on the "new status line" option rather than the newbie tips option.
  • Fixed a bug where the shopkeeper couldn't see jewellery that was in your inventory but not worn.
  • Fixed a bug where diaper covers could not be worn.
  • Fixed a bug where the matron wasn't changing diapers properly.
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